Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT)

The Teaching Knowledge Test is a test from Cambridge English. TKT gives teachers a strong foundation in the core areas of teaching knowledge needed in the English language teaching classroom. This course is ideal for teachers of English in primary, secondary or adult teaching contexts, and is also suitable for people who would like to teach English, but do not yet have a teaching position.

Available in Manchester
Course code TKT
Entry level Intermediate (B1)
Start dates Manchester
Course duration 2 weeks
Total input 50 hours


TKT is divided into 3 separate modules. Participants prepare for all on the course, but can take the test for modules that meet their needs. The core modules are designed to provide a foundation in the principles and practice of English language teaching.

Sample Timetable

Please note that some sessions may alter in content depending on the needs of the group.

Week 1

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
09:00-10:15 Introduction and Orientation. TKT Module One Overview Introductory Activities Observation of an ELT Class at BSC Teaching Approach: Text-based Presentation Tutorials and Self-study
10:35-11:50 Learner Characteristics, Needs and Motivation Teaching Approach: Presentation, Practice and Production (PPP) Teaching Approach: Task-based Learning Describing Language Skills TKT Module Two Overview
12:10-13:00 The Differences between L1 and L2 Learning Common Ways of Presenting Language Types of Activities and Tasks for Language Development Types of Activities and Tasks for Language Skills Development Selection and Use of Resources
14:00-15:00 Describing Language (Grammar, Lexis, Phonology and Functions) Assessment Types and Tasks Describing Language (Grammar, Lexis, Phonology and Functions) Exam Tips and Strategies  
15:15-16:30 Teaching Approach: Guided Discovery Review Review Exam Practice Module 1  

Week 2

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
09:00-10:15 Use of L1/L2 for a Range of Classroom Functions Lesson Planning. Identifying and Selecting Aims Appropriate to Learners Teaching Approach: The Lexical Approach Teaching Approach: Total Physical Response Exam Tips and Strategies. Exam Practice Module 3
10:35-11:50 Teaching Approach: Test–Teach–Test Choosing Assessment Activities Appropriate to Learners, Aims Conveying and Checking Meaning Correcting Learners: On the Spot Correction Feedback
12:10-13:00 Staging of Lesson Types Categorising Learners' Mistakes Exam Tips and Strategies Correcting Learners: Delayed Error Correction Resources Exchange and Evaluation of Published Materials
14:00-15:00 Identifying the Different Components of a Lesson Plan Setting up and Sequencing Tasks Exam Practice Module 2 Review  
15:15-16:30 Classroom Management (Teacher Roles) Classroom Management (Grouping Learners) Classroom Management (Prompting and Eliciting) Classroom Management (Giving Feedback)