Delta Courses in the UK: Oxford, Manchester & Edinburgh

The Cambridge Diploma in TESOL (Delta) is for experienced English language teachers who want to take their expertise to the next level.

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Part-time Delta

Available in Oxford
Course code DELTA/PT
Price £2,250 (includes Cambridge fees)
Start dates 30/09/2020
Course duration 37 weeks (Sep-Jun)
Course schedule Wednesday evenings from 17:30 to 21:00 and 5 Saturday sessions
Total input 130 hours


The complete Delta course includes three modules. All our schools offer an integrated course preparing for all three modules; in Edinburgh the modules can also be taken separately or in any combination.

Sample Timetable (Part-time Delta)

The timetable will vary between schools and depending on the course format.

  First Session Second Session Assessment Focus
Week 1 Phonology
Connected speech
Why do students make mistakes?
M1 Exam
M2 Language Essay
Week 2 Phonology
Word and sentence stress
Course planning
Needs analysis
M3 Specialism
Week 3 Speaking
Skills & strategies
Week 4 Speaking
How to improve students' speaking
Inductive & deductive approaches
Week 5 Learning styles Grammar
Focus on form vs focus on forms
Week 6 Writing
Product, process & genre
Week 7 English in the world
Introduction to the written exam M1 Exam
Week 8 How to plan a skills lesson Style, register & variety M2 Skills essay