Delta Course in Oxford

The Cambridge ESOL Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults (Delta) is a teaching qualification for experienced teachers of English as a foreign or second language.

The course is accredited and approved by the University of Cambridge (UCLES) and is aimed at teachers with (usually) an initial teaching qualification such as the CELTA plus at least two years' experience. This experience should be with different levels of students and preferably include teaching ESP, exam classes and/or some teaching outside the UK. A degree is preferred.

Available in Oxford
Course code DELTA
Entry level CELTA + 2 years' teaching experience
Start dates Please see Fees & Dates
Price £1,800 for trainees working in Oxford, £1,950 for trainees working outside Oxford. These fees do not include Cambridge fees.
Course duration 9 months
Class times Wednesday evenings from 17:30 to 21:00 and 5 Saturday sessions
Total input 120 hours
Class size 8-14

Why Take a Delta?

The Delta course is valuable for the following reasons: first, it helps you to develop as a teacher, by extending your knowledge and understanding of the principles behind your practice, and by increasing the range of your techniques and methods. Through feedback on your own teaching practice, we also help you to improve your teaching skills within the classroom. Second, it is an essential qualification if you wish to further your career into academic management, teacher training or materials writing.

The course is part-time and trainees are observed teaching their own classes in their own schools. For this reason, trainees must be in EFL work with adults (group classes) in or near Oxford for the duration of the course.

The course is a challenging one and hard work! However, the vast majority of teachers who have taken it believe it has improved them as teachers as well as providing them with career opportunities. Delta-qualified teachers often go on to work in academic management, teacher training, materials writing and publishing.

Our tutors have been providing Delta courses together in Oxford since 1998 and have worked on CELTA and Delta courses before that. All of our Delta trainers are also Delta assessors. We have a proven track record of success in preparing teachers to take and pass the Delta.

Course Requirements

The University of Cambridge specify that all candidates must:

  • Attend the whole course.
  • Teach classes of adult learners of English at the specified levels for a minimum of 10 hours, of which at least six will be observed by the course tutors (+ feedback).
  • Undertake a minimum of 10 hours directed observation of lessons, of which at least 5 must be of live lessons taught by experienced teachers.
  • Maintain and submit a portfolio of all course work and related documentation, including all materials relating to the teaching assignments.
  • Carry out all assignments in accordance with regulations and submit assignments to the centre for assessment by dates specified.
  • Take the 3.5 hour examination. British Study Centres also specify that candidates attend mid-course tutorials (delivered one-to-one).

Enrolment Procedure

Candidates' applications are assessed on the following basis: interview with the course tutor, written assignment (one hour), and language analysis tasks. Participants are required to provide their own classes for teaching practice. However, British Study Centres will arrange classes for teaching practice in exceptional circumstances, for example in cases where participants become unable to provide their own classes during the course.


  • A library of relevant books will be available to participants. This will be open on Wednesdays before, during and after the session and at other times by arrangement.
  • Participants will be issued with a (short) pre-course reading list, including books which should be bought.
  • On the first day of the course, participants will receive an essential bibliography, which they should read during the course.

Modular Delta

On the British Study Centres Delta, all three Modules are taught simultaneously and in an integrated way.

Sample Timetable

The course is part-time and takes place every Wednesday evening from 17:30 to 21:00 (including a 30-minute break) and five Saturday sessions.

  First Session Second Session Assessment Focus
Week 1 Phonology
Connected speech
Why do students make mistakes?
M1 Exam
M2 Language Essay
Week 2 Phonology
Word and sentence stress
Course planning
Needs analysis
M3 Specialism
Week 3 Speaking
Skills & strategies
Week 4 Speaking
How to improve students' speaking
Inductive & deductive approaches
Week 5 Learning styles Grammar
Focus on form vs focus on forms
Week 6 Writing
Product, process & genre
Week 7 English in the world
Introduction to the written exam M1 Exam
Week 8 How to plan a skills lesson Style, register & variety M2 Skills essay
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