Online CELTA Course

The Cambridge CELTA online course is a blended learning programme that combines collaborative online study with face-to-face teaching practice.

Collaborative online study means that trainees must complete assignments, online tasks and units on time, but can work flexibly, where and when it suits them to carry out the work. There’s also quite a lot of community work, including forums and live rooms, that helps trainees feel part of a group.

The lesson planning, teaching practice, evaluation and feedback on the course is face-to-face, and trainees have the same experience as trainees who opt for the CELTA course with the face-to-face classroom study.

Available in Manchester
Start dates 06/02/2017, 29/05/2017, 11/09/2017
Price £1,350
Course code CELTA/OL
Entry level Proficient (C1/C2)
Course duration 14 weeks
Total input 120 hours

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