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BSC Online Cert tEFL course

Our 140 Hour BSC Cert TEFL course has been designed to make getting your TEFL qualification super convenient.

The course is completely online self-study so you can learn at your own pace and fit the course around your schedule. 

Work your way through the 12 core modules with a Review Quiz at the end of each one. We use lots of real-life materials and different activities to keep everything engaging. You will quickly develop your teaching skills and when you are ready then you can take the final module which we have designed to prepare you to teach your first lessons as a TEFL teacher.

Immediate access – enrol today and start your TEFL journey. 

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go at your own pace

Learn in the way that suits you best and take as much time as you need to succeed. 

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bite-size learning

The course is divided into modules making it easy for you to follow along.

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Specially written by our expert trainers to give you the necessary knowledge and skills.

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tefl course structure

We know that 140 hours can seem like a lot – especially all online. So we have divided the TEFL course into 12 Core Modules making it simple for you to follow.

Just work your way through each module on our Learning Management System and then complete the Review Quiz at the end before moving on.

We also include an additional module designed specifically to get your ready to teach your first lessons. We walk you through step by step everything you will need to be classroom ready. 

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TEFL Course contents

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what's included

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TEfl COUrse aims

Our TEFL course has 5 key aims to help prepare you to be a fantastic teacher.

Activate: Before you start each module we want to get you thinking about the topic and what you already know. 

Engage: In each module we use a blend of theory, real life examples, demo video lessons, reflection tasks, games and activities to make the content engaging and memorable. 

Review: At the end of each module you take a Review Quiz to make sure you are comfortable with everything you have learned. Need to try again? No problem, you can go through the modules as many times as you need. 

Look Ahead: We use tasks that target the teaching behaviours and knowledge required to not only apply for teaching jobs but to succeed in the workplace. 

Develop: Throughout the course we highlight the wealth of free and easily accessible resources available to support you including our favourite blogs, websites and training materials. You can then use these to create your own bank of useful materials and resources to kick-start your teaching career.

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