Governmental Solutions

Whether you work in the armed forces, emergency services or health sector, the chances are you will need to communicate in English with colleagues, clients and contacts from around the world.

At British Study Centres we understand your busy schedule, therefore we now bring our award winning schools to you wherever you are in the world, via state-of-the-art video conferencing technology. Our schools are just a click away!

A reputation for excellence

BSC English Online is part of the British Study Centres Group, a family-run business with extensive experience in the education sector and a long history of excellence.

Flexible and effective

We design tailor-made English courses which can be taken from the comfort of your office, hotel room, or the airport departure lounge. Anytime, anywhere!

Expert teachers

Highly professional, qualified teachers from our award-winning British Council and English UK accredited schools.

Return on investment

Career-focussed courses and services that drive fast results and a positive ROI.


We offer a comprehensive range of specialised English courses for various governmental institutions.

Bespoke Programmes

By means of an in-depth needs analysis we are able to ensure that your personal language requirements are met. Courses are designed so that newly acquired skills can be put into practice instantly.

Authentic Learning Experience

Our teacher-led lessons provide an authentic and interactive classroom experience through the use of the latest conferencing technology.

Real-World Tasks

Our live online lessons focus on practical communication skills. We use a range of authentic materials to help students operate in the real world. Lessons are designed so that newly acquired skills can be put into practice instantly.

The Latest Technology

Learn to communicate in English using the tools you use every day! Lessons are delivered via a powerful multi-platform video conferencing software, enabling learning on-the-move. Our online classroom supports a range of rich media content and generates more interest through engaging, highly-interactive and authentic material.

Interaction Is Key

We use an innovative, communicative approach to teaching. Lessons are interactive with a high level of student involvement. As well as using stimulating and contemporary materials, we employ a variety of different methodologies. During the lessons students will interact with both their teacher and colleagues from around the world.

eLearning Platform, myBSC

All participants receive access to myBSC, our online learning platform with 100s of hours of additional study material. Here, students will be given assignments as well as the possibility for extra study. Students can log in 24/7 and access is available for 3 months after they complete their course.