British Study Centres and NHG Group Announce New Partnership in Vietnam

BSC Leading Lights Members of Lead5050

As part of BSC’s ongoing initiative to reward and recognise excellence and innovation within our employees, we are providing 28 spots for women in the business to be part of Lead5050, an organisation that empowers women in education.

We are very proud to announce the candidates from within BSC that have been selected.

As well as this, four ‘BSC Leading Lights’ have been selected whose applications really stood out from the rest. These four women will head to Berlin in November to attend the Women in Education Awards.


Sian Hanson, Group Academic Manager

"Ten years ago, in my final tutorial at the end of my CELTA, my tutor said to me that I could be a ‘game-changer’. Now while I’m not sure I have changed any games yet, those words certainly inspired me to strive harder, to achieve more and to not allow anything to hold me back."

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Kate Htun, Student Experience Facilitator, BSC Edinburgh

"I passionately believe in being part of something that contributes to a better world. Education has the power to do that."

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Giulia Mella, Student Experience Lead Facilitator, BSC Manchester

"I am so proud and lucky to be a woman who has worked hard for herself and for her career and to be working in an environment where women are powerful, supportive of themselves and others and, most importantly, they are considered to be worth just as much as any other man is."

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Maria Devlin, Teacher, BSC London Hampstead

"With all of the intelligent, skilled and powerful women I know, there is really no need in 2019 for us still to feel that we are not capable, not leaders, and not deserving of success."

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