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With our history of language training for universities, British Study Centres can offer the right solution for your educational institution. Whether you want to teach your students in English (EMI), train your teachers or publish research in English then we can help.  

Our bespoke university language training programmes are adaptable to the learning needs of your institution. Our Academic team will work with you to identify your exact needs, allowing us to deliver a course that meets your individual requirements. All our courses are designed so that newly acquired skills can be put into practice instantly.

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English as a Medium of Instruction (EMI)

To help students and staff achieve their full potential, universities increasingly need to deliver educational programmes in English.

English as a Medium of Instruction (EMI) has never been more important for universities, as most academic research is now published in English and students' dissertations and research are also carried out in English.

To find out how we can help you with EMI just contact our expert team today.

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Work with BSC

  • Track record of delivering high-quality language training for universities
  • University-focused courses and programmes
  • Online, face-to-face and blended learning options
  • Structured, flexible, cost-effective training
  • Fast results and measurable outcomes
  • Positive Return on Investment

Case Studies - Teacher Training

In partnership with AIU, BSC delivered 50 two week face-to-face teacher training courses to over 1,000 subject teachers across 7 cities in Kazakhstan.

The overall objectives of the programme were to give practical instruction in content & language (CLIL) methodology and to build the course participants’ confidence in promoting and managing a communicative and student-centred classroom.

Language Solutions for Organisations

Case Studies - Teacher Training

NIS is a network of schools for exceptional students throughout Kazakhstan. BSC delivered a modular blended Teacher Training course to 160 NIS secondary teachers.

The aim was to increase capacity by training CLIL trainers who, later, would support and train other internal CLIL secondary teachers.

Language Solutions for Organisations

University Language Training Solutions

We offer a comprehensive range of solutions for lecturers at universities, colleges and other higher level educational institutions.

For Lecturers

We provide practical courses designed to develop key skills within the area of EMI which can be implemented immediately, including:

Project our Teacher into Your Classroom

Looking for qualified native speakers to teach your English courses? Use video conferencing to bring teachers from our British Council accredited schools directly into your auditorium or classroom.

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Teacher Training

We can help both qualified and trainee teachers keep their language skills up to scratch, prepare for teacher training courses and maximise their potential.

As English is now the language of international research, having more teachers speak English can increase the amount of English-language research published, raising your university's position in rankings.

This in turn will attract more students, both domestic and international, as they search for the courses they wish to study delivered in English.

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Extracurricular Lessons

We can also offer extracurricular lessons to help students prepare for language exams such as IELTS. With online lessons students can study wherever they choose.

Students who enrol on an EMI course expect a level of supporting lessons to ensure they have the English language skills necessary to complete their course.

BSC can help universities to deliver these lessons and secure the best results possible for their students.

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If you would like to talk to our experienced team about your university language training requirements then contact us today.