New Online Family Language Course

Family's can learn together from the comfort and safety of their home with BSC's new specially designed, project-based Young Learner Online Family English Course. Parents and children can improve their language skills and work together on fun online projects.

This course is a great way for families to share a truly unique learning experience delivered by expert BSC teachers. Each member of the family is provided with individual learning outcomes. Children can improve their English language skills in an engaging way, while parents can learn how to create meaningful activities for their children at home and also gain valuable teaching skills.

There is also the opportunity to interact with families from other countries and connect with people from different cultures and backgrounds. Each of the projects include testing, tuition, online support and an end of course certificate with the language level achieved by each family member.

This course is another of BSC's new online courses. The unique aspect of this course is that both parents and children can be a part of the learning experience. You can see a full list of our Young Learner courses here.

The course is delivered completely online. using a range of e-learning tools, including Zoom, chatbox, and whiteboards. Other features of the course allow lessons to be recorded, so families can review and access at any time. In order to establish the most suitable course materials, there is an initial one-off, online language level test for each family member to complete.

Families can decide to choose one project, a group of 5 projects at a discounted rate, or even the entire 10 projects. Plus, there are flexible start dates on projects, so you can create a learning schedule unique to you, by choosing a timetable that best suits your family's weekly schedule.

Project work differs from module to module, so your family can decide to enjoy a variety of all the modules, or only pick the modules you are interested in the most. Another great aspect of this flexible approach is that you can choose to add on extra modules at any time if you decide you wish to discover more of the programme.

Project areas include; making videos, international cultural projects, music, cooking, storytelling writing exercises, digital poster making and more. On completion of this specially designed course, both children and parents will have achieved different outcomes.