IELTS Preparation course now online

Students can now prepare for their IELTS test online, with BSC's new remote learning course. The International English Language Testing System (known as IELTS) is one of the worl'ds most popular English exams.

Candidates can familiarise themselves with the IELTS exam layout and learn the strategies needed in order to feel confident on exam day. IELTS is the perfect qualification for any student that wishes to study, live or work overseas as the IELTS exam results are recognised by companies, universities and governments all over the world.

The purpose of the Online IELTS Preparation course is for students to build and practise the English language skills they need to be successful in the test. The course is made up of 50-minute lessons and each day will focus on a different aspect of the exam.

For example, Monday is about writing skills, Tuesday covers listening lessons, Wednesday looks at language, Thursday focuses on reading and Friday's lessons are about speaking. All lessons are live and delivered online through Zoom.

Students can build the confidence and resilience needed to succeed under pressure by learning and practicing the specific strategies for every IELTS exam task. They also receive individual feedback and support from tutors as well as group feedback throughout the course.

This course is part of BSC's Online Exam Preparation Programme, which prepares students for different types of English exams online with the help of our expert trainers. Learn the vocabulary, grammar, listening, reading and writing skills you need to pass your exam and get the tips you need to tackle exams with confidence.

If you would like more information on this course and how it can benefit you, please contact our friendly team and they will be happy to help.