BSC Young Learner Programme in France Supports Local Community

British Study Centres continues to adapt to the current climate and provide courses to meet the needs of our customers.

With our partners at LEA - Séjours Linguistiques, we are proud to launch a new English programme this spring at Ressins Residence in France.

This new programme for Young Learners is located on the banks of the Loire, between the beautiful mountains of the Auvergne and the city of Lyon. Students can experience the best that this wonderful region has to offer. All while learning English and enjoying a range of sports and activities. 

Dorian Maillet, CEO of LEA - Séjours Linguistiques is excited to see visitors returning to Grand Roanne. 

“Our spring camp is a real opportunity for the Grand Roanne to get international exposure. The town is considered as one of the gastronomy capitals of France and is full of wonderful sights that deserve to be known. It is a perfect location for people who would wish to discover a “real” and beautiful part of France.

Like many of us, Grand Roanne suffered from the COVID-19 pandemic and fears they might not be the first ones to receive tourists again. This is why we decided to work only with locals. Starting with our restaurant, that will supply local food provided by the school farm or regional producers whenever possible. Also all transport solutions, activities, supplies for both academic and leisure programmes will be provided by companies located within a 50 km radius. This is really important for us: we hope to bring a bit of joy to the local community, by giving them the opportunity to interact with our international students and also by supporting their businesses.”

BSC Young Learners Programme France

Charlie Tweddle, Operations Director at BSC believes this innovative partnership is a step in a new direction for BSC’s Young Learner programme. 

“The past year has been one of many changes and we’ve been looking at how we can adapt our programme to be able to deliver language learning to students closer to their home. Working with our friends and partners at LEA - Séjours Linguistiques we’re excited to be able to deliver the high-quality language programme expected from BSC in Grand Roanne. We’re proud to be supporting the local community and able to offer courses accessible to French and European students who may not be able to travel to the UK.”

About the partnership with BSC, Dorian has said, 

“We are delighted to have partnered with British Study Centres Young Learners for Ressins 2021. We are both experts in our different fields, and we are sure the programme will be a real success! The BSC academic programme will allow our students to learn English as if they were in the UK or Ireland, but in France – far from all the questions and difficulties linked to border crossing and coronavirus. 

Most of all, the best feeling towards this partnership is being able to work with Young Learners again: giving them (and their parents) a real breath of fresh air!”

The Ressins Residence programme will run 11th and 24th April 2021. Students can study General English or General English plus Horse Riding. 

For more information about the programme visit Ressins Residence - BSC (EN) (