BSC starts a series of Webinars

BSC has launched a series of webinars that will cover different topics in order to further help students and agent partners. The first webinar was about our Virtual Internships programme and was co-hosted with our partners, Professionals UK.

This webinar gave students and partner agents alike the opportunity to learn in greater detail about the different aspects of the Virtual Internships programme. Sian Hansen, Global Academic Director with BSC, introduced the webinar and Bella Cranmore, Business Development Director at Professionals UK, spoke of the specifics of the programme.

The presentation explained the many benefits of virtual internships, how they improve English language skills as well as providing real experience of a working environment. It also showed statistics that revealed the growing importance of remote working and that employers are increasingly looking for people with these skills.

Also discussed during the webinar were the one-to-one, online English lessons that are delivered by BSC. This is an integral part of the programme, and as Sian explained, consists of a minimum of 10 bespoke lessons with a trained BSC teacher with a relevant background for your internship.

Another element of the English lessons includes material from our pioneering Skills for Success courses, which have been developed in conjunction with National Geographic Learning. You can find out more about this and view the entire webinar by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page.

Examples were given of the type of work experience that can be expected as part of a Digital Media Internship. Bella cited how two former internship graduates, one from South Korea and one from Italy, undertook their placements in entirely different circumstances. One completed his placement from his home in Rome, while the other started off in London and continued their virtual internship while travelling around Europe!

The webinar was followed by a Question and Answer section to allow those watching the chance to have a response to their queries. BSC plan to hold more webinars in the future and will notify both students and partner agents with details on how to attend. All webinars will be recorded and uploaded to Youtube for those who cannot watch the live broadcast.