BSC Partners with National Geographic Learning

British Study Centres is proud to partner with world-famous educator National Geographic Learning (NGL). BSC is the only language and training company to develop custom branded coursebooks in partnership with NGL.

The aim of this exciting collaboration is to complement BSC's innovative Skills for Success series of courses with powerful materials that have been developed by National Geographic Learning and TED Talks. These courses develop learners' 21st Century Skills, including how to think critically and communicate effectively, .as well as prepare them for the modern academic and workplace environments.

So far, the partnership has resulted in the creation of a bespoke and innovative porgramme: two unique courses with a focus on the skills and learning strategies required for academic and career success. These student-centred courses are specially designed to deliver dynamic, project-based classes that will develop collaboration, problem-solving and communication skills as well as digital competency. At the end of each week students upload and showcase their digital projects on their personal online portfolio that can be used in university and job applications.

BSC recently adapted these to be delivered in the virtual classrom, so Online Skills for Career Success and Online Skills for Academic Success are now available for those students unable to travel to the UK in the current situation. Lessons still use the bespoke material and collaborative digital projects, making it ideal for those who wish to continue their studies in an English-speaking environment or enhance their skills for their entry or return to the workplace post Covid-19.

National Geographic Learning’s mission is to bring the world to the classroom and the classroom to life. With their English language programmes, students learn about their world by experiencing it. Through partnerships with National Geographic and TED, our students develop the language and skills they need to be successful global citizens and leaders.

“National Geographic Learning is proud to be partnered with British Study Centres in creating custom branded courses for their various classes, from junior through to general English. It is through additional partnerships like our unique one with British Study Centres that we can continue to enable students to learn about their world and how to make a difference to it.”

National Geographic Learning statement

Another British Study Centres course to benefit from National Geographic Learning materials is our brand new Online English for Young Learners. This course is a mixture of fun, interactive lessons and class projects which will help students to build their English language skills in different situations, as well as developing problem solving and independent learning abilities.

The growing partnership between BSC and National Geographic Learning has already delivered exciting learning opportunities for students and we look forward to even more in the future.