BSC Appoints Guy Young as Director of Recruitment – AMEA & University Pathways

British Study Centres is pleased to announce that Guy Young is the new the Director of Recruitment - AMEA & University Pathways.

In his new role, Guy will be responsible for managing key agent accounts, developing new opportunities and leading the sales team to generate business across the University Pathways portfolio. We caught up with Guy for a Q&A and got to know him a little bit better.

Q&A with Guy Young:

Tell us about yourself, Guy?

I am from Sunderland and went travelling after I completed my A-Levels. On my travels to southern Egypt, I worked there for just over a year. I spent a lot of my time with a fantastic orphanage charity, helping the older boys with their English. Also, I worked in an animal welfare organisation called ACE (Animal Care in Egypt). Then, I started university in Arabic, given that I had learnt a lot of the local dialect whilst living there. Apparently I’m better at learning than teaching! In my third year of university, I travelled to Oman and spent 10 months living in Muscat with an Omani family, and attending a US military Arabic language teaching facility. Towards the end of my studies in Oman, I was able to live with a Bedouin group to cement my linguistic and cultural education. I came back to the UK to attend my final year of university. 

Sounds amazing! Can you tell us more about your education/work background?

Education wise, I completed my degree in Arabic Language and Islamic studies in 2014. I obtained a first class honours degree and won the 2014 linguists oral distinction award. Then, I was recruited to work as International Manager for the Middle East region by INTO university partnerships. I moved to Dubai where I looked after the Gulf region, working with government sponsors and expanding our agent network. Then, I approached by Kaplan to join their Dubai based MENA team. I spent almost 5 years at Kaplan International Partnerships. My role as Senior International Manager involved driving recruitment and amplifying partner university brands in market. Since 2018, I was responsible for US recruitment from MENA and saw our numbers grow rapidly. I enjoy a new challenge and working in markets or with products that have diverse characteristics.

What do you hope to bring to the company in the upcoming months?

I hope to assist in the regrowth of BSC, getting procedures put in place to equip BSC with the tools needed to become a real player in the UK foundation market. I hope to work even closer with our NCUK partner to deliver a world class service in the higher education sector, and develop our Foundation and postgraduate programs even further. 

What are you most excited about in this role?

The potential of what BSC could become. The great opportunity to influence how we do business and build our brand in an even larger remit of Asia, Middle East and Africa. Joining BSC at an extremely exciting time with a lot of change on the horizon and untapped markets around the world. I’m looking forward to taking BSC from a traditionally known English Language and Training institution, to a real player on the UK higher education Foundation stage.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

In my spare time I like to play guitar, read books on politics and history, try new restaurants and cuisines, and play sports. I also enjoy going for long walks in the forest with my Golden Retriever. 

That's great, thanks Guy. We're so excited to welcome you on the BSC team!