Brand New Course Options for Young Learners in 2021

This week marks the launch of the brand new product range for BSC Young Learners. The new portfolio was marked with an interactive webinar attended by agents and partners from across the industry.

With exciting new course options such as English & STEM and our Master Chef Cookery Course, students combine morning English classes with afternoons dedicated to learning new skills. Other courses in the new portfolio focus on Content and Language Integrated Learning, meaning that the subject (whether it be maths, art, science or drama) is delivered entirely in English and allows students to develop their understanding of the topic and their language skills at the same time. Courses focusing on content integrated learning include Performing Arts, 21st Century Skills, Future Leaders and Entrepreneurs and Street Art and Culture.

These wide-ranging course options offer something for every taste. For creative students, there's the opportunity to learn about the Arts through cultural visits and street artworkshops meanwhile our English & STEM course gives students the chance to embark on scientific projects.

Julia Radlinger, the Academic Operations Manager for BSC Young Learners, said:

“Our new products not only provide students with excellent language tuition, but also give them the opportunity to learn about specific subjects while improving their English. Choosing between English Plus and CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) Programmes, students can decide if they would like to study General English plus another subject like STEM or Cookery, or learn English through studying a specific topic such as Business and Entrepreneurship, Art and Culture, or 21st Century Skills. We are delighted to offer such a broad range of products where everyone can find what they are passionate about and are looking forward to welcoming everyone in 2021! "

Julia Radlinger

After a challenging year for the industry, BSC Education is delighted to be offering such a diverse assortment of course options in 2021. If you're interested in finding out more about any of the new course, you can contact BSC for more information.

You can find links to all the new course options below:

Missed the launch webinar? You can watch the recording here: