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Achieve your CELTA qualification at BSC York

As an approved CELTA provider, studying at BSC York Teacher Training Centre gives you the opportunity to learn first-hand from a team of experienced trainers. 

Celebrating many years in the industry, BSC York is a teacher training centre with a reputation for its committed, friendly and supportive approach to teacher development. We consistently achieve excellent results with our trainees - some of whom choose to stay and teach in York, while others go on to teach English all around the world. 

BSC York - Practical teaching sessions

Thousands of teachers trained

Every year we help aspiring teachers from around the world begin their career. You can be next.

Teacher Training courses in York

At British Study Centres, our Teacher Training courses are designed to help you achieve your goals. Training for your CELTA at BSC York gives you access to passionate Teacher Trainers and extensive resources.


Teaching quality

Our teacher trainers at BSC York aim to help you achieve your teaching goals by sharing their knowledge and the school's high-quality resources.  

Paul Miller

Student Experience Manager


BSC York

"I’m incredibly proud to work for BSC York. We have a wonderful team that strive to provide the best service to the students, ensuring they have the greatest possible experience studying here in York. York is a small and friendly city and so students feel comfortable here very quickly, and its history means there are lots of activities for students to do outside of their studying"

Pete Woods

Assistant Director of Studies and Senior Teacher Trainer


BSC York


BEd (Hons) Primary School Teaching

“I am interested in teacher training in terms of leading teachers through CELTA. I have also had the opportunity to train CELTA trainers which is very rewarding. The positive feedback from trainees and hearing from successful CELTA graduates about how their EFL careers have developed after CELTA. It is great to hear about what they are doing now and the range of opportunities CELTA has given them.”

Marta Barber



BSC York

“Teaching at BSC York is a sheer pleasure, as the school is attended by many highly motivated students who are willing to absorb the knowledge of English and immerse themselves in the British culture. The classes are well- structured which gives teachers the chance to deliver high-quality lessons, adapted to student’s needs."

Teacher Training at BSC York

Begin your teaching journey at BSC York, surrounded by history and heritage. 

The school offers a dedicated teacher training suite with great facilities, including computers, free Wi-Fi, printer and photocopier access, the latest classroom technology and modern audio visual equipment. Trainees can also use a school lounge with a small but exclusive teacher training library.

How to Apply

Teacher Training with technology

Find out more about applying to your Teacher Training course at British Study Centres.


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