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Language Schools

Experience the most exciting cities in the UK and Ireland, while developing your language skills. Each BSC school provides students with an opportunity to learn English through high-quality teaching and outstanding facilities.


Study in one of the UK's newest cities at BSC Brighton and learn English in a creative and collaborative environment.

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The newest BSC school, BSC Dublin is in the centre of this fast-growing European capital with a rich historical heritage.

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Learn English in Scotland at BSC Edinburgh, surrounded by history, heritage and a supportive teaching team.

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BSC London offers the chance to learn English in a fantastic Bankside location near to London Bridge and Shakespeare's Globe Theatre.

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BSC Manchester is the longest-established English language school in the city and a specialist exam courses centre.

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Learn English at BSC Oxford using the latest technology in our modern school located in a heritage city.

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BSC York is a modern school in a historical city, providing a perfect student experience and specialising in exam preparation courses.

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Young Learner Centres

A wide choice of programmes offered at leading centres in outstanding locations across the UK and Ireland. Combine learning English with sports, activities and visits to exciting places.

Bradfield College

Bradfield College is a historic British location for a summer camp. Children can learn English, play tennis, explore London and much more.

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Griffith College

Our summer camp at Griffith College offers unique courses for Young Learners. Discover the history and culture of Ireland and learn exciting skills for the future.

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Loretto School

Scotland's oldest boarding school, Loretto School is a world-renowned location and home to a prestigious Golf Academy and impressive sports facilities.

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Wycliffe College

Wycliffe College gives summer camp students exciting opportunities to visit historic cities and access to exceptional sports facilities.

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Young Learners in Dublin

BSC Dublin gives Young Learners the opportunity to learn English is a popular European city. Ireland's capital blends modern life with tradition and culture.

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Young Learners in York

BSC York is in the centre of this traditional, historic British city. Young Learners can visit world famous attractions while they learn English.

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Teacher Training Centres

Our highly experienced Teacher Trainers have helped thousands of teachers take the next step in their career. Discover the best Teacher Training Centre for you.