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What is an International Foundation Year?

The International Foundation Year gives access to Year One of a UK university degree. The programme is taught over one year and is assessed via examinations and coursework. As well as equipping you with the English skills and academic qualifications for studying in the UK, the IFY increases your cultural awareness.  

What is NCUK?

The Northern Consortium of UK Universities (NCUK) is a global provider of pathway programmes specifically designed for international students. It is uniquely positioned as an organisation because it was founded by 11 leading UK universities. This gives NCUK centres and students unprecedented access and support throughout the university application process.

Which universities are included?

Students on the BSC Foundation Year programme are guaranteed a place at one of the 16 NCUK universities upon successful completion of the course. You can find out more about our 16 NCUK partner universities.

Can I choose which university I want to go to?

Yes! You can apply to up to five universities. NCUK Universities have their own entry criteria for each course. The better you do, the more chance you will have.

What about help with English language skills? 

Our unique English for Academic Purposes language support gives you the reading, writing, listening and speaking skills you will be using in university. Unlike IELTS, the EAP uses real materials from university-level situations preparing you to succeed right from the start.

What options are available after completing my IFY? 

There are a range of degree courses you can progress to from the IFY in a wide range of subjects, such as Accounting, Architecture, Business, Computer Science, Economics, Engineering, Finance, Law, Literature, Marketing, Maths, Psychology.

What are the different pathways for IFY?

We offer three different pathways for your IFY at BSC; Humanities, Business, and Engineering. The Humanities Foundation Year is designed for students who may wish to study Law, Literature or Journalism. The Business Foundation Year aims for progression in business-related careers, such as Business Management. The Engineering Foundation Year is for students wanting to study computer science or engineering courses at University.

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