Student Welfare

Looking after our students is always a priority

We believe it’s easier to learn when you feel happy and comfortable, which is why we’re committed to student welfare and safety.

At British Study Centres, our aim is for all students to feel secure and content. We promise to give you a friendly welcome and provide any personal support you need to help adjust to life in a strange country. Our colleges should feel like friendly and supportive places of learning.

A group of young adult students with their arms around each other
Jasmin standing in front of the BSC Brighton sign

Your welfare

College staff are there to support you with any questions or problems. They can help with practical issues, such as finding a doctor if you feel ill or giving advice about opening a bank account. They are also available for accommodation queries, or even if you just feel lonely or homesick.

It’s important that you have a comfortable stay while you study English in the UK or Ireland and can make the most of your time at British Study Centres.

Disability support

If you have difficulties with sight or hearing, we may be able to provide some help for you in the classroom. Please tell us before you book your course so that we can decide how best to help you.

If you are dyslexic, it’s important to tell us in advance, especially if you are planning to take an examination. We can make special arrangements for you but we need to know in good time.

Unfortunately, our colleges have lots of stairs and are currently not suitable for clients in wheelchairs or those with serious mobility impairments.

Health and Safety

Your health and safety are very important to us. Our colleges keep high standards as we follow all relevant legislation relating to Health and Safety.

We carry out regular risk assessments in all of our colleges, including regular fire drills to ensure everyone can leave the building safely in an emergency. Our buildings are carefully maintained and we keep a high standard of hygiene in catering areas.

When students leave the college as part of a lesson or trip, our staff are trained to consider any risks and minimise the possibility of problems.

Students laughing in a park, holding an Edinburgh bag.


Before you arrive in the UK, we strongly recommend that you take out insurance for your own financial and personal security. You can arrange your own policy, or take out the international student policy offered by Endsleigh which has been specially designed for international students studying in the UK.

Please let us know at the time of booking if you would like to include this insurance or contact us for more information.

Students under 18

The minimum age for our adult courses is 16 but, in UK law, students younger than 18 are still children. Because of this, we have a strict Safeguarding Policy. There are Safeguarding Officers in every college and we provide regular staff training for the protection of our students. We also have special rules for under-18s:

  • In homestay accommodation, under-18s should eat with the Homestay Host every night (full or half board options only).
  • Under-18s must be home by 22:00 each night.
  • College staff and homestay hosts must have had a UK police (DBS) check.
  • Parents must provide a written consent form.

Can we help you?

If you have any questions about your stay with British Study Centres then we will be happy to help.