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Develop your skills for primary school teaching

This two-week course is designed to build on existing experience and help international teachers to improve their skills for primary school teaching.

Our course is aimed at non-native English teachers, teacher trainers, and inspectors in the primary education sector (children aged 6-11).

Designed to help experienced teachers to develop their skills with young learners, Primary Methodology & Language focuses on language skills for teaching environments with young children. Courses booked during term time typically include a visit to a UK primary school.

Due to the current situation with Covid-19, course start dates are under review. Please contact us for more information regarding the course you are interested in so we can advise and update you accordingly.

Course facts

Course duration

2 weeks

Available in


Course levels

Intermediate (B1)


Total hours

42 hours

Start dates



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Advance your Skills for Primary School Teaching

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Course objectives

The course will help you work on your English fluency and perfect your skills for primary teaching. The aims include:

  • Gain confidence in using the English language. 
  • Reflect critically on current language teaching methodology. 
  • Share ideas and develop as teachers.
  • Extend awareness of the principles and practice of teaching to young learners. 
  • Evaluate and explore materials and resources for younger learners.

Course content

We vary the content of each course according to work on the particular needs, teaching contexts and interests of the students in the group. However, there are standard components that will be taught throughout the course which are:

ELT methodology
Language analysis
Language input
Projects and research followed by presentation.

The course also includes a visit to a UK primary school, providing your course is taking place during term time (we cannot guarantee visits in the first or final weeks of a school term or during half-term).

Course methodology

Each session employs current language teaching methodology to reflect participants' classroom practice. All lessons also contain language instruction and pedagogic practice. Participants work with all four skills with particular emphasis on speaking and listening. 

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