Internships in the UK and Ireland

Combine your studies with practical work experience in a sector that’s relevant to you.

Internships are a great way to get work experience, practise your English and improve your employment chances in the future. Talk to us about helping you find a work placement once you have completed your General English course.

Employment requirements

  • Students must be an EEA citizen, a Swiss national or a holder of a UK Youth Mobility Scheme Visa (Tier 5)
  • Minimum age 18, maximum age 29
  • Completion of a General English course (minimum 6 weeks)
  • Completion of a candidate information sheet
  • Full and complete CV in English
  • Covering letter
  • Interview by telephone or in person
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We also offer Virtual Internships

Complete your internship completely online and boost your 21st Century Skills

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Work placements with Professionals UK

British Study Centres regularly works with Professionals UK to offer international students work placements. You can even find remote work opportunities with our Virtual Internship programme.

This is a great way for students to supplement their learning by using their English language skills in workplace situations, thus improving their chances of employment after their course.

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Your internship with British Study Centres

Students will have their placements confirmed once they have started their English course. Occasionally, students will be asked to attend an interview before they have final confirmation of their internship place.

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Help with finding internships & paid work in the UK

At British Study Centres, we also offer all of our students help with finding work in the UK at our monthly Job Clubs. Here you can learn how to write a CV and get help practising for interview questions.