General English courses

Our General English course is designed to be the first stepping stone on your journey. Develop your core English skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing.

General English is the centre of our teaching at British Study Centres and will improve your English communication skills in an engaging, interactive way. Learn new vocabulary, understand English grammar and get support in the areas you need it the most.

General English course facts

Course duration

1 - 48 weeks

Available in

York, Manchester, Dublin, London, Brighton, Edinburgh, Oxford & Online

Course levels

Elementary (A1) – Advanced (C1)


15 Lessons per Week (PM Only)

Class size

Average 11, max. 14

Minimum age

16 years

Lesson duration

50 minutes

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General English course outcomes

By the end of your time on this dynamic and communicative course, you will have:

  • Learned many more useful English words and expressions by using a combination of course books, authentic materials and stimulating classroom activities
  • Become more confident, fluent and accurate when speaking English
  • Acquired the knowledge and skills to read faster and write with appropriate style
  • Improved your knowledge, understanding and production of English grammatical forms
  • Gained insight into different cultures by making friends and sharing experiences with students from around the world in a lively and life-changing environment

General English Add-Ons

Enhance your General English experience with one of these great add-ons (only available in-school)

Smiling university pathways students in class

Speaking & Listening

An additional 5 Lessons per week focusing on helping you hold effective & successful conversations.

CELTA trainee and teacher on CELTA course at BSC

Business English & Communication

Perfect if you are improving your English for work. Transform your General English course into a full Business English package.

Smiling university pathways student on campus

Exam & Study Skills

The ideal add-on if you are taking English lessons to prepare for exam or to progress into Higher Education.

Student Outcomes

"I like studying at BSC Dublin because we don't have such big classes and the interaction with the teacher is very personal."

Annika, Switzerland, BSC Dublin

Student Outcomes

"I have special and happy experiences at BSC York. The teachers are lovely and helpful. I’ve had a great time with them and I wish I could stay longer."

Jai-Tzu, Taiwan, BSC York

Student Outcomes

“The social activity program of the school is excellent. We get the chance to interact with very friendly and open-minded people from the whole school.”

Jasmin Mattahermann, BSC Brighton Student, Germany

Student Outcomes

"I heard so many things about the school before I came.

I'm really happy I chose to come to BSC York and would love to come back one day."

Baran, BSC York student, Turkey

Student Outcomes

"The teachers made me feel welcome, very welcome because I think they are very good teachers. I could recommend them to everyone!"

Davide, BSC London student, Italy

Why is learning English important?

English is everywhere. It’s an official language in over 50 countries, and the most widely spoken language in the world.

If you are confident with English, it can help you in your studies, career, travels, social experiences and much more. In fact, there are many reasons to improve your English. A General English course is a great way for beginners and more experienced learners to improve their level of English and start working towards their dreams.