English Prime

Learn English and explore a traditional British city with English Prime

English Prime is a two-week course that is perfect for the discerning and culturally curious student.

Starting on the first Monday of every month in three of our iconic locations, 20 lessons of General English are combined with four afternoon excursions led by an experienced teacher with local knowledge.

English Prime course facts

Start date

The first Monday of every month

Course duration

2 weeks

Available in

London, Oxford, and Edinburgh

Course levels

Lower-intermediate (B1)

Minimum age

18 years

Lesson duration

50 minutes

Lessons per week

20 General English lessons
Plus 4 trips and 2 evening meals

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English Prime course outcomes

Through a unique blend of classroom lessons and associated outside visits, guided by your experienced teacher on this course, you will:

  • Improve your English while gaining a deeper understanding of the history and culture of a beautiful and historic city.
  • Become more confident and competent in using English in authentic situations.
  • Benefit from the local, insider knowledge that only a resident of the city could offer. 
  • Refresh and revitalise your English conversation skills with like-minded classmates from all over the world. 
  • Form memories that will last a lifetime.

Student Outcomes

"This is my first international trip and since I arrived here, I've been discovering a lot of things about British people, culture, habits, urban myths that make up the atmosphere in this really amazing city! Oxford isn't just museums and colleges! Parks, pubs, libraries and a social life are waiting for you every day!"

Hilden, BSC Oxford student

Student Outcomes

"The most interesting thing in class at BSC Edinburgh are the debates and when we're talking about our ideas."

Francisco, BSC Edinburgh student, Venezuela

Student Outcomes

"I think Oxford and BSC is a very comfortable and friendly place to study English because I feel very free to ask questions and feel comfortable to share my opinions with other students."

Yunzyne, BSC Oxford student, South Korea

Student Outcomes

"The teachers made me feel welcome, very welcome because I think they are very good teachers. I could recommend them to everyone!"

Davide, BSC London student, Italy

Why choose English Prime with BSC?

Improve your English while immersing yourself in the culture of some of the UK's most historic cities. It's an amazing way to try new experiences and make unique memories.

Practise your language skills as you explore the museums, architecture and arts scene of London, Oxford or Edinburgh. You will learn and travel with a small group of students with similar interests, and each week we host two evening meals where you can discuss the week's activities together. This is an excellent course for practising English in a friendly, focused environment.