English Plus
Outdoor Adventure

English summer camp plus Outdoor Adventure

English Plus Outdoor Adventure courses are perfect for children and teenagers with lots of extra energy, and our Adventure Sports option is no exception.

The course balances academics and athletics, with interactive English lessons each morning and various adventure sports sessions in the afternoon. Our English teachers are CELTA qualified (or equivalent), and adventure sports are led by experienced instructors using the excellent facilities at Ampleforth College.

English Plus Outdoor Adventure Course Facts

Start dates


Available at

Ampleforth College,

Course levels

Beginner (A1) – Advanced (C1)

Age range

7 - 17 years old


15 General English lessons + 6 Activities per week

Lesson duration

60 minutes

Price per week (from)



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Students in a water sports class

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If you have any questions about booking an English Summer Camp for your child then contact our friendly team.

A young boy in a wetsuit balances on a paddleboard in the middle of the lake, with other students doing the same behind him

What is the English Plus Outdoor Adventure course like?

English Plus Outdoor Adventure is a learning experience with a twist, where students can combine learning English with sports and having fun.

Students spend each morning learning English, focusing on fluency, accuracy and confidence in reading, writing, speaking and listening. Watersports activities take place in the afternoon, in small groups that are led by a qualified instructor. In the evening, our summer camps have lots of creative social events where students can relax and make friends. We also offer English courses with horse riding, golf and tennis - perfect for active students that want to learn outside of the classroom.

Three children and an instructor in wetsuits at the edge of a lake, giving thumbs up

Student Welfare

We know that children learn more effectively when they're happy. There's always a friendly, experienced team member nearby, in case students need someone to talk to for support.

Whether they need academic help, medical attention or simply someone to talk to about homesickness, the health and happiness of our students is always a priority. Summer camps have residential supervisors who are trained in student welfare and are available around the clock. Visit our Young Learners welfare page for more information about the care we provide.


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