Develop your Business English skills and boost your career

Business English is the perfect course for those looking to excel in an international career.

This programme combines General English, Skills for Career Success and focused Business Communication Skills sessions to create the perfect course to communicate confidently at work.

The task-based approach of this course means that you get exposure to authentic business scenarios and the opportunity to participate in a variety of roles and put the language learned into practice.

You will receive feedback with regards to your use of vocabulary, phrases and pronunciation, as well as the skills required to complete each task effectively ensuring you leave more confident and ready to succeed in the business world.

Trainers plan the lessons with you to be sure the language and practice activities are relevant to the jobs and careers represented in the group.

Course facts

Start dates

Any Monday

Available in

LondonManchester & York

Course levels

Pre-Intermediate (A2) – Advanced (C1)


20, 25, 30 and 35 lessons per week

20 lessons = 15 hrs
25 lessons = 18.75 hrs
30 lessons = 22.5 hrs
35 lessons = 26.25 hrs

Class size

Maximum 14

Minimum age

16 years

Lesson duration

45 minutes

Price per week (from)

£255 (click here for price details)

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Learn the English you need to excel

This dynamic course aims to provide you with the vocabulary, grammatical structures, phrases and skills you need to operate confidently in a business context. The language input is put into practice using real-life business scenarios, including:

  • Team, Company & Board meetings
  • Negotiations
  • Product pitches
  • Marketing presentations
  • Financial reporting
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Human Resource planning
  • Trade fairs & networking events

…and many more according to the needs of the participants in the group.

Student Outcomes

"English allows me to build better relationships with my colleagues.

When I’m having meetings and when I’m developing new recipes English is essential to my work."

Davide from Italy became a Head Chef at the London Sheraton after studying with BSC London. Read Davide's Student Story.

Student Outcomes

"I particularly appreciated the fact that the school helps students who are looking for job opportunities. Thanks to BSC I found a work placement in a British company which will give me the chance to apply my English skills in a professional context."

Luca, BSC Brighton student, Italy 

Student Outcomes

"Learning English is so important for me. It's the first language in the world and I need it to develop in my career.

Coming to York to learn English was a fantastic choice for me. I've learned so much."

Mohammed, BSC York student, Qatar

Business English Course outcomes

On completion of this course, using innovative, interesting material from our partners at National Geographic Learning and additional project work, you will be able to:

  • Communicate more effectively and fluently at work
  • Participate confidently in meetings (both online and face to face)
  • Negotiate effectively and sensitively
  • Develop business-specific and professional vocabulary
  • Experience and participate in a variety of business scenarios through role-plays and task-based learning
  • Network with greater confidence
  • Develop the 21st Century skills you need to excel in your current or future role

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Why choose Business English with BSC?

English is the global language that is used in e-commerce, trade, banking, technology and design. Around the world, businesses use English to communicate, trade and collaborate.

Learning Business English will not only give you the chance to improve your career prospects in your own country but give you access to the global job market.

What is Business English?

Business English is the kind of English language used in a workplace setting. Business English courses are often taken by those who are hoping to work in an English speaking country or work setting.

Why is it important?
Business English is an important asset to anyone hoping to get a job in the modern workplace. Around the world, many employers will expect you to speak English to a certain standard in order to get a job. Even if the main language used in your workplace is not English, in order to communicate with clients and understand terms around technology, English is key.