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Sofia’s University Pathways Experience

27 Aug 2020

In light of the changing situation surrounding COVID-19, many of our students have made the switch to online learning. We caught up with Sofia from Mexico about what it was like to study the blended International Foundation Year both in school and online and how the course has helped her reach her goals. What course…

How to Motivate Your Students

10 Dec 2020

TEFL teacher Lucy explains how to motivate your students with tips she's discovered from a twenty year English teaching career.

How to be a Good TEFL Teacher?

08 Dec 2020

TEFL teacher Lucy explains how to be a good TEFL teacher drawing on her past experience and sharing her knowledge from teaching.

TEFL Course or CELTA?

07 Dec 2020

Are you wondering whether to take the TEFL course or CELTA? Read the guide to see which is the right teaching course for you.

What are 21 Century Skills?

21 Oct 2020

If you're searching for a job in 2020 you might have heard potential employers use the phrase '21st-century skills.' But what does that actually mean? And what are some examples of sought after skills in the 21st Century? What are 21st Century Skills? 21st-century skills are skills which are deemed essential for working in the…

IELTS Preparation: The Online Learning Experience

08 Oct 2020

Like students around the world, this year many learners made the switch to online learning in order to complete their courses under lockdown restrictions. We caught up with Audrey to find out what it was like to prepare for her IELTS exam online. Audrey's IELTS Experience Which course did you study? I studied the IELTS…

Abdul’s University Pathways Experience

22 Sep 2020

Abdul came to study the International Foundation Year at BSC London back in 2018. We caught up with him to find out how the course helped him reach his goals of studying in the UK. What modules did you study on the course? Business, economics and maths, and English for academic purposes. I came to…