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Are TEFL Courses Hard?

11 Dec 2020

We hope to put your mind at ease by answering some common questions from students before taking a TEFL including, 'Are TEFL courses hard?'

Are all TEFL Courses the Same?

11 Dec 2020

There are many providers offering the TEFL qualification. In this blog we look at the different types of courses and to help you choose.

How Long is the TEFL Course?

11 Dec 2020

The TEFL qualification may not take as long as you think. How long is the TEFL course depends on a number of factors, read to find out more.

How to Motivate Your Students

10 Dec 2020

TEFL teacher Lucy explains how to motivate your students with tips she's discovered from a twenty year English teaching career.

How to be a Good TEFL Teacher?

08 Dec 2020

TEFL teacher Lucy explains how to be a good TEFL teacher drawing on her past experience and sharing her knowledge from teaching.

TEFL Course or CELTA?

07 Dec 2020

Are you wondering whether to take the TEFL course or CELTA? Read the guide to see which is the right teaching course for you.