Ben’s Young Learners Online English Experience

In light of the changing situation surrounding COVID-19, many parents have made the decision to switch to online learning for their children. We caught up with 13 year old, Ben from Thailand, about what it was like to study the Online English for Young Learners Programme, and how the course has helped him reach his goals.

Innovative Online Course for Young Learners

Our Online English courses offer kids and teenagers the opportunity to practice their English skills in a variety of situations, such as class projects and online activities, with other students from around the world. Young learners taking the course will have a transformational learning experience, developing their problem solving and independent learning skills online.

Designed in Partnership with National Geographic Learning

Our Online English course materials are proudly developed in partnership with National Geographic Learning. Materials from the courses include incredible photography, fascinating stories and real work of explorers from the National Geographic. In these interesting and engaging online courses, young students are inspired as the world is brought to their lessons.

An interview with Ben

Hi Ben. It was great to have you study online with us. Can you tell us what you enjoyed about the course?

This course is not too strict and the contents are not too hard.

Can you tell us how you think your English has improved?

I have improved my grammar, reading and listening skills. So, I can now easily talk to others in English.

What are the teachers like?

They are really kind and helpful. They chose a lot of good content for me.

Would you recommend learning English online with BSC Young Learners and why?

I think everyone will enjoy the course as you can practice to have better English

That's great. Thanks Ben. We look forward to having you study again with us soon!

Course Information

BSC Young Learner online lessons are delivered via Zoom where students will have teacher-led lessons in small groups to improve their English.

Our lessons have a broad nationality mix where students will be able to interact with other learners from around the world.

On completion of the course, young learners will gain confidence in speaking English while improving their digital competency and 21st century skills.

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Develop your child's English skills from the comfort of your own home with our interactive and engaging online English courses for children. Developed and led by highly-qualified BSC teachers, the English Online for Young Learners programme is engaging, interactive and fun. Contact British Study Centres to find out more.

We have recently launched a brand new online Young Learners programme, English Plus Explore the UK, which will be running this Spring. Students will be able to virtually visit some of the UK's most famous sights such as Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and even York Minster.

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