Where to Find a Language Exchange in the UK

We all know that the best way to improve your English speaking is to get out there and practise with native speakers and language exchanges are often the best way to do so. But, how do you find a language exchange partner? And where can you attend a language exchange meet-up? Luckily, we've created a guide to finding a language exchange partner to help you on your way.

Where to Find a Language Exchange

What is a language exchange?

Simply put, a language exchange is a conversation between two people of differing native languages. If you are from France, you might organise a language exchange with someone from the UK  who wants to learn French. So you meet up to have a conversation and you have a chat, first in your native language, and then in English.

How is it different from a normal conversation?

A language exchange is different from a normal conversation with a native speaker for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the purpose is to learn to help each other learn the language so you can feel free to make mistakes and explore vocabulary without annoying the listener. And secondly, since you both benefit from the exchange you are happy to correct each other's mistakes.

How can I find a language exchange partner?

Actually, it’s really easy to find language exchange partners. You can meet people in real life, or you can do a language exchange over the Internet. To find someone online you can use sites like Speaky and Italki. Alternatively, you can go to a language exchange meet-up and meet people in person. 

Where can I go to a language exchange meet-up in the UK?

London Language Exchanges

Mundo Lingo

People holding drinks at Mundo Lingo Language Exchange Shoreditch
Photo credit: Mundo Lingo Shoreditch 

Mundo Lingo organises weekly language exchanges in Clapham and trendy Shoreditch. Both of these take place in lively bars and usually draw in a young and diverse crowd.

Mammoth London

Photo credit: Mammoth Language Exchange

If you're new to London and looking to make new friends, perhaps there's no better place than a Mammoth Language Exchange. Mammoth was started in 2011 by UK-native Chandresh when he was looking for someone to practise German with, the group now has over 10 000 members and even organises sports clubs, walking tours & pub crawls.

Babble London

People holding drinks at Babble Language Exchange

If you're working or studying English in central London looking for a more central language exchange, Babble London Language Exchange takes place every Sunday at the Wellington Pub in Waterloo.

Manchester Language Exchanges

Manchester Language Exchange

The Manchester Language exchange group on Meetup has over 4000 members and organises a diverse range of events according to language. As well as traditional 'drinks and socialising' events, the group also organise outings to local cultural events like the Manchester christmas market.

Brighton Language Exchanges

Brighton English-Spanish Intercambio

A number of language exchange meet-ups are organised within Brighton and Hove but perhaps one of the most popular is the Spanish-English Intercambio. This weekly event is held in a variety of different locations every Thursday and always ends up feeling like a bit of a fiesta.

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