What to Bring? Essentials to Pack for Summer Camp in the UK!

Getting ready for your summer language camp in the UK? We’ve put together a handy packing list to help you remember everything you may need!

If you’re staying for two weeks, pack for 10 days. A weekly laundry service is available at some centres and laundry facilities are available at others.

What to bring on a summer camp in the UK

- Underwear (enough for 10 days)

- 7 pairs of socks plus 3 pairs of sports socks

- Casual clothes for day time (e.g. T-shirts, long sleeved tops, jeans, shorts, skirts, dresses)

- 2 warm sweaters or hoodies (evenings can be chilly)

- Nightwear, slippers and bathrobe

- Disco clothes for evening fun

- Sports wear

- Jacket (warm and waterproof)

- Toiletries (don’t forget a washbag)

- 2 towels

- Waterproof shoes

- Trainers for sports (1 pair for outside and 1 pair with non-marking soles for indoor use)

- Swimwear

- Goggles (for swimming)

- Sunhat

- Sun cream

- Sunglasses (yes, it can get sunny!)

- 3-pin UK adapter plug (it’s easier to bring one from home than to buy it in the UK)

- Phone charger and headphones

- A bag for laundry (a plastic bag will do)

- A pocket size dictionary from your own language to English

- Photos of family and friends (to make your room feel homely)

- Wet wipes (you never know!)

- Letter of Consent to Travel (see the Parent/Student Handbook) and keep it with other travel documents

- Food and drink for your journey

- Loose change (around £5) for travel and the first day or two

- Small day backpack

- Refillable water bottle (named)

A word about the weather:  It’s changeable! The summer can vary from a balmy 30 degrees centigrade to a cool 16 degrees with rain in between. It’s a good idea to pack for both ends of the temperature spectrum and track the weather for a few days before you arrive.

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