What TEFL Course Should I Do?

Are you comparing Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) courses, wondering which one you should take? Maybe you are unsure if you should undertake one at all? These questions, plus more, are running through your mind when weighing up which TEFL course you should study.

Teaching English abroad as a career is a big step to take, and is a serious career option to pursue. You have to make sure you pick the right one for yourself. We are here to make sure you are undertaking a TEFL course for the right reasons, and we want to provide advice that can help you pick the course that meets set international requirements.

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What is your reason?

Before we jump into the requirements you should be looking for when picking your course; we want to talk about you. Changing careers or starting a career revolving around teaching English abroad is a serious step. Only you know if this is the right step for you. Ask yourself:

  • Why am I doing this?
  • Is it a stepping-stone to something else?
  • Am I ready to make this step?
  • Am I committed to moving abroad?

Only you know your reason, and only you can make a start on this journey. If you are ready to undertake this certification, you need to know which course to do.

Picking the right TEFL course

Once you understand why you are undertaking a TEFL course, you can pick the right one. For example, if you view teaching abroad as a long-term career option, you will want to make sure the TEFL course is accredited. An accredited TEFL course will enable you to travel around different countries if you wish.

Another consideration you should keep in mind is the grammar programme a TEFL course includes. Make sure the course consists of a comprehensive grammar programme, as this will help you when you are teaching abroad.

If you want to teach in a particular location abroad, make sure the TEFL course considers this. This qualification should take into consideration the market you plan to enter, and will work around this or include material to assist you.

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Know what you need  

Before signing up to your selected course, make sure you know what you need for your desired job abroad. There are many TEFL courses online that start at 20 hours; however, a prospective employer would not even give this qualification a second glance.

Make sure you have selected a TEFL course that will be seen as desirable by your prospective employer. TEFL industry-standard ranges from 120 hours plus, so these are the preferred courses to undertake.

Do your research

Don’t rush into the decision of picking a TEFL course. Compare courses, look around and find one that suits your specific needs. When you are struggling, you can also reach out and ask questions to each one. If you are unsure about particular details, there is no harm in asking for clarification.

This qualification is a big step, so make sure you do your research before investing your time, money and effort.

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Choosing the right TEFL course can be a complicated process, but we hope this article helped you. The different requirements of each course should be a significant consideration; however, you should also think about yourself.

Make sure this TEFL course is the right decision for you. No one can decide for you. We can only assist you on your journey. Our experienced team can help you at each stage of your journey, so you will not be alone when working towards your TEFL certification.

Your future is waiting; you just have to make the first step.

Want to learn more about studying TEFL? Talk to our Teacher Training team now and let us help you.