What is the Best TEFL Course?

If you’re passionate about travel and the English language, the TEFL certification can help you earn money while exploring the world. But, what is the best TEFL course to study? Many institutions offer in-person and online TEFL courses, and choosing the best could be challenging. Whether you’d prefer an intensive 4-week course or a part-time 11-week course, there are a few things to consider before enrolling.

Does it matter which TEFL course I pick?

With many independent teachers and institutions offering allegedly genuine TEFL certifications, picking the best TEFL course is intimidating. Budget considerations often play a decisive role, but keep in mind that not all TEFL courses are the same, and it does matter which one you pick.

Short 20-hour courses may give you insight, but they are insufficient for earning an internationally recognised qualification. Some institutions may also offer standard 120-hour courses, but they aren’t accredited. Again, you won’t be able to obtain a recognised qualification from these institutions.

If you want to teach English abroad, look for a TEFL certification course that meets or exceeds the international standard of 100 coursework hours and at least six hours of practicum. The institution must also be externally accredited.

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How long does a 120-hour course take?

Standard 120-hour TEFL courses can take anywhere between four weeks and six months to complete, depending on the study type. Full-time courses require intensive study, but you’ll be able to get your certification in a month. Part-time or online courses usually take a longer time to complete but rarely exceed six months. Ultimately, how long it takes to complete the course depends on how much daily time you dedicate to it.

What accreditation should a TEFL course have?

Well-known TEFL accrediting bodies include the College of Teaching, TQUK, and ACCET. Courses offered by accredited universities, including the Manchester University, Bristol University, and the Queen Mary University of London, are also considered accredited and worth the investment.

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Are TEFL and TESOL courses the same? 

English teachers can choose from a wide range of certification courses based on the purpose. TEFL courses are geared toward teaching English abroad to students whose primary language isn’t English. TESOL courses are ideal for English teachers who want to teach learners in English-speaking countries.

Is a Level 5 TEFL course worth it?

Yes. A level 5 TEFL certificate – equivalent of 168 coursework and practicum hours – provides the same qualification as a diploma of higher education, foundation degree, or CELTA qualification. This is one of the most in-depth TEFL courses available in the UK.

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Are online TEFL courses legitimate?

Attending in-person classes isn’t always an option, especially if you’re working or studying something else at the same time. Online TEFL courses are legitimate, provided an accredited institution offers them. Most language schools worldwide recognise online TEFL certifications, but many online courses are not legitimate or offer low-quality instruction. It is essential to check the course provider and ensure it is accredited before enrolling. Most universities provide either online courses or part-time programs that allow training teachers to study at their own pace.

How do you know if a TEFL course is legitimate?

One of the hardest things when looking for the best TEFL course is assessing whether the course you want to buy is legit. The easiest way to find out is by checking where the alumni are teaching. Reputable TEFL courses offer post-certification assistance and help their training teachers find great jobs with reputable language institutes or schools. If you can’t find where the alumni are teaching, it is safe to suppose the course isn’t legit, and you’ll only waste money.

There are many TEFL providers to choose from but hopefully by reading these tips you'll be able to choose your course with confidence.

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