Student Stories: Technology in the Classroom Course

What's covered in the BSC Technology in the Classroom course?

Earlier this month, we said goodbye to Marjorie and Silvana, two primary school teachers from France, who attended our Technology in the Classroom course in Oxford.

We covered a lot of ground in just two weeks, starting with a basic introduction to hardware devices and a discussion of technology integration frameworks. The fun began when we moved on to explore some of the more creative applications of technology in the classroom. This included podcast recording using Garageband, digital video production, designing lessons around digital games and producing augmented reality content using smartphones and iPads.

How did the students use the new technologies?

Both students were fast learners, and brave enough to experiment with new ideas as well as new technologies! For one assignment they were asked to create tongue-twister news reports using iPads and a green screen to enable them to replace the background with different images.

Woman photoshopped onto a newsroom background
Marjorie's News - Technology in the Classroom

While one took control of the camera and green screen app the other had to read a series of increasingly difficult tongue twisters from a second iPad, using a teleprompter application. Marjorie was doing heroically well until she reached the section that read, “The criminal was seen leaving the scene driving a red lorry, yellow lorry, red lorry, yellow lorry”.

The following day, Silvana went on to apply the skills she had learned to create a breakfast show set inside Buckingham Palace. Working with another language student, she took on the role of a journalist interviewing the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, on the subject of royal gossip. This involved recording and editing the video, adjusting the sound, substituting the background with an image of the palace interior, and finally adding background theme music and titles.

Two women photoshopped onto a background of Buckingham palace
Breakfast with Kate teacher video

The rationale of the course was to introduce Silvana and Marjorie to a wide range of digital tools and applications that they could adapt to their own primary-teaching context. Both of these teachers were fully aware of the potential of digital technologies to motivate and engage their primary pupils and realised the creative possibilities.

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