Receive A Warm Welcome In Our Newly Designed Funky Reception, And Our Greener School!

Our school building at BSC Oxford has recently undergone a bit of a makeover! Firstly we have had our reception area redesigned by local interior designers, and then we improved the ambience of our city centre school with some beautiful new live plants.

The designers were asked to think about how we could improve the old reception area with more seating for students waiting to be seen, a private area for students to talk with academic or administration staff, and a better functioning reception desk with improved flow for people through the space.

The designers created a new design (see below) that managed to do all of these functional things, whilst additionally incorporating a fantastic bespoke mural design for our walls. Take a look around the reception with our 360 panorama (below), and the attached photographs.

Something else we felt we should do was to bring more ‘life’ to the school through a new live planting scheme. All of our old fake plastic plants got recycled and replaced with beautifully vibrant living plants in stunning tall white pots. One area in particular where these have made a real difference is on our outdoor roof terrace, where the plants complement our stylish garden furniture nicely lending the space a chic cosmopolitan feel!

We love how our ‘new’ school feels, and we’re sure you will too!