Nikki’s CELTA Story, York

Taking the CELTA course at BSC York a few years ago changed the course of Nikki’s career, leading her to Vietnam and back!

Here is her story:

Why did you choose to do CELTA at BSC York?

I knew that I wanted to do a teaching qualification but needed to choose between Trinity and CELTA. I searched for courses in York and CELTA came up. The location was ideal for me as I was living in York and I wanted somewhere familiar to do the course as I knew that it would be intensive. I had also heard very positive word of mouth reviews

What was your CELTA experience like?

The CELTA was a life-changing experience for me because it made me realise that I wanted to be an English language teacher. I had done a PGCE previously but the structure and content of the CELTA at York was much more useful than the PGCE had been. It was very intensive but I had prepared carefully and knew what to expect. The preparation before the course was really helpful and the pre-course task was really useful in highlighting what you don’t know. Pete and Graham our tutors consistently modelled the techniques for us and were so helpful, approachable and calm. In fact that calmness has gone with me through my teaching.

What have you done since you completed the course?

I feel that CELTA gave me a passport to go anywhere. Since the course I have passed my DELTA, the next stage on from CELTA. This is something I knew that I wanted to do after I passed the CELTA. I have been director of studies in ILA Vietnam and have worked at BSC York as YL Centre Manager in 2017. I have also taught at York St John and other language schools in York with adults and Young Learners a variety of teaching in different language schools in York. The CELTA methods really work no matter what group you are teaching.

Do you have any tips about doing the CELTA?

  1. Be prepared and use the pre-course task to get ready
  2. Try to get familiar with things like phonemes which appear in the pre-course task.
  3. Be prepared to unlearn techniques you knew before as a teacher
  4. Look carefully at the timetable before you start and during the course.

Teaching beyond CELTA?

  1. Give yourself time to use in working practice but don’t be too hard on yourself to begin with.
  2. Keep using the techniques but you won’t be doing everything so don’t worry.
  3. The CELTA methods will gradually fit together like a jigsaw as you continue to teach.

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