Meet Riccardo, BSC York

Riccardo and his hobby as a writer lead him all the way to UK. He decided to enrol on a General English course in order to be able to understand properly his next novel which will be translated into English.

As a history teacher he couldn’t choose any better than York. He has not only improved his language skills but also submerged into the city's history. Here is his story:

1. Why did you choose to come to the UK to improve your English?
I decided to come here because a friend recommended it. It’s my first time in England. I chose York as I am a history teacher and York has a rich and amazing history. When I first arrived, it felt very quiet here but are a lot of tourists and everyone’s really friendly.

I would love to return to work here if I have the chance in the future.

I live in Siena in Tuscany near Florence. Like York, it’s also very popular with tourists. We have two good universities with over 20,000 students.

2. What do you enjoy most about your course and BSC York?
In my opinion the teachers are very good – I am a teacher – they are very friendly, professional and knowledgeable. I like the Study Centre – it’s a pity it’s not open for longer in the afternoon!

3. What are your ambitions for after the course?
I am a historian and a writer and next year a have a book which will be translated into English’s and I would like to be able to understand it.

It is a novel. It is about a pilgrimage of two brothers from Northern Ireland. They are from a criminal family and these brothers were sent live in a monastery as punishment for a crime. The friar decides to send them on a pilgrimage to Italy.

I have written 4 novels and a book of poetry and some historical essays but this is the first one to be translated into English. I find writing enjoyable and satisfying and you can learn a lot about yourself.

I write as a hobby and especially when I feel inspired. I write on holidays and at night when the house is quiet. I write very quickly during these times. Essays are more difficult, of course, as you need to research your subject a lot more.

4. What advice would you give to students thinking of learning English in the UK?
You need a good backpack for all your things!
England is a country where we drive on the left so remember when you hire a car!
You should do this, as the landscape here is unforgettable.

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