Meet Hamoud, BSC York

Student Story - Meet Hamoud from BSC York

Hamoud is 26. He is a Syrian Kurd from Aleppo in Syria. He came to us through RefuAid  : an organisation that provides access to language tuition, education, employment and family reunification to refugees who have been forced to leave their studies, homes, families and lives due to the situation in their home country.

Hamoud left Syria in 2013 and spent three very difficult years, ultimately traveling across Europe before arriving in England on 3rd March 2016. He remembers the date very well as his journey to England was very difficult and dangerous. He had nothing but his determination.

England was not Hamoud’s first choice of destination. He says he decided to come here as he met many British people across Europe at various refugee centres and working for charities. These British charity and aid workers were always very helpful and welcoming to him at a time when he had nothing and was in very difficult circumstances.

Hamoud started learning English in Syria from primary school onwards. During this period, the education system in Syria was very developed with high standards of learning, he says. He started university in Aleppo in 2011 but the situation there became so dangerous that he was forced to leave.

Due to his proficiency in English, Hamoud has also worked in some refugee camps providing translation assistance. He says he has found this very satisfying. He wants to help people.

Hamoud came to York through a Facebook group aimed at helping refugees, which has supported him a lot. He says he has found the people here in York very welcoming and friendly. This led him to RefuAid, which enabled him to come to BSC York last autumn.

He plans to start a degree course at Hull University in autumn 2018. He has an offer to study law and wants to become a human rights lawyer. This was always his aim. He is very happy for the freedom and opportunities he has been given here in the UK.

We have loved having Hamoud here with us at BSC York. He is a constantly positive and enthusiastic student who has contributed a lot to the life of the school.
Hamoud has seen and experienced things that many of us cannot imagine. His story is a difficult and tragic one but he has remained positive about life and the future. We can all learn a lot from that.

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