The 6 Best English Language YouTube Channels

We all know that YouTube can be an incredible tool for learning English. But, with millions of channels and hundreds of different British and American YouTubers to choose from, how do make sure you’re getting the best out of the site? Luckily, we’ve taken the time to choose the best English language YouTubers so that you can find the right videos to accompany your online English classes.

YouTube Channels for Learning English

1) Learn English with TV Series

Learn English with TV Series provides a fun, interactive way to improve your English with some of your favourite movies and TV series. In the video above, you can learn job interview vocabulary with the moving Will Smith movie, the Pursuit of Happiness. 

2) English with Lucy

If it's pronunciation tips you're after, look no further. Lucy offers an incredibly wide range of English language lesson with a special focus on pronunciation and British vocabulary.

3) English Class 101

For a simple but effective approach, check out English Class 101. With list-style videos of useful words and phrases, you'll find your English improve in no time.

4) English Like a Native 

In a series of useful and comprehensive videos, Anna takes you through all the basics of the English language, from basic words and phrases all the way to speaking successful Business English. 

5) Rachel's English 

For those of you keen to master American pronunciation, Rachel's English provides the perfect opportunity to train your accent in your spare time.

6) Speak English with Vanessa

For simple explanations to tricky English grammar problems, Speak English with Vanessa is the YouTube channel for you. You'll find 15-30 minute lessons on phrasal verbs as well as a wide range of tips for both listening and conversation.

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