Lead 5050: Lara Hernandez

BSC is providing an opportunity for colleagues from across our business to be part of Lead5050, a leading organisation empowering women in education.

We're speaking to members of the BSC team about why joining Lead 5050 is so important to them. Today we asked Lara Hernandez, a Direct Sales Executive in our Sales Team, why the organisation is important to her.

What made you want to join Lead 5050?

I’m confident that being part of Lead5050 will be a great opportunity to feel empowered and learn from like-minded women. I am looking forward to the next professional challenge and am eager to gain new, as well as develop existing leadership skills and achieve what we are all proudly fighting for. I have never had an opportunity like this I will most certainly make the most of it.

What do you most enjoy about working at BSC?

What I like most about working at BSC is the multicultural environment, from which I learn something new every day. The company also provides many facilities when it comes to offering training to its workers to try to encourage them and continue to grow in the workplace.

What’s been your biggest career success so far?

From someone born and raised in the Canary Islands, coming to London has been the biggest step I've taken personally and professionally. I came to the United Kingdom with the idea of boosting my CV because, in the Canary Islands, professional growth is quite limited, with the unemployed youth rate being of 37.3%.

Is there a particular woman in business that inspires you? 

My grandmother would be a woman that inspires me, even though she never worked for a company, she worked to run a “family business” her own family.  A fulltime Mother of 6, part-time nurse, teacher, needlewomen, chef, housekeeper, accountant… all of this without a salary or any recognition.

In the future, I would like to be able to transmit the values that I have learned in my family and apply them to the business world, with the aim of continuing to acquire knowledge through effort.

What innovations do you see in the future for BSC?

We are living a moment of exciting changes at BSC. You can see how the business is adapting to the changes in the customer's behaviours by creating new products that will fulfil the student’s needs.