Lead 5050: Beatrice Spaziani

BSC is providing an opportunity for colleagues from across our business to be part of Lead5050, a leading organisation empowering women in education.

We're speaking to members of the BSC team about why joining Lead 5050 is so important to them. Today we asked Beatrice Spaziani, a Direct Sales Executive at our central office, why she chose to put herself forward for the programme.

What made you want to join Lead 5050?

I've been living in the UK for just over a year and I still ask to myself why I made that choice. Being far from home is not an easy matter, especially if you come from a sunny country and you move to London (I'm sure you understand). But while I was reading the personal stories of the Lead5050 members that I realised why I made this decision. Because, like them, I am one of those women who want more from their lives, whose ambition and desire to grow professionally and personally is the most important thing, more precious than all the friends and loves you leave home. 

This characteristic links me to Lead5050 members more than anything else. During these years, I have had the possibility of being trained by women who passed their passion on to me, starting from the manager I had in Italy to my current line manager. For this reason, I know well the empathy that a woman can have while working and, at the same time, her firmness and authority. Being so versatile is, in my opinion, a unique female characteristic, and this can be testified by the skill of having children and running a company at the same time, even traveling around the world for business. Being part of Lead5050 would enable me to meet many of these women, learning from them and growing. I am not a manager, but I am sure that meeting other Lead5050 members will help me to become a good one in the future and, from my side, I could bring a wave of enthusiasm and dedication to the organisation, since I would be very excited to support it in the first person.

What’s the most exciting BSC project you’ve worked on so far?

It’s been just a bit more than six months now that I am working at British Study Centres and I have to say that the majority of the tasks I am working on are very exciting for me. This company has a wide range of products, not only adult courses, and as a salesperson, I find it quite exciting to juggle between different requests, which makes my day very active and, consequently, makes me proactive and able to solve many different situations. In addition, BSC has given me the opportunity of working in a team: it’s here that I have discovered that you can do your own job individually but without being totally alone and, mostly, sharing the day with enthusiastic and supportive people.

What do you most enjoy about working at BSC?

British Study Centres is, in terms of a number of employees and branches, the biggest Company where I have been working so far and I really love the fact that it is a very stimulating environment, in which the management is very careful to listen to new ideas coming from the employees. This is actually the element that I mostly like about the company, because from my point of view everyone in a business should be pushed to bring new ideas that could help the company to grow and because it makes all the employees feel important and necessary.

What’s been your biggest career success so far?

As you may know, English is not my first language because I am Italian. My first job was indeed in Italy, and it helped me to understand that the Language learning market is my passion and the sector where I want to work. At some point, then, I realised that I was missing something and that I wanted more for my personal and professional life, that’s why I decided to move to London. I identify this step as the first success in my emergent career, working in the same field but in another country, with a totally different perspective of the market. In addition, the other great success I have achieved here in the UK is to be hired by British Study Centres. I am sure that the meticulous training I am receiving every single day is, indeed, the basis for my future career success.

What drives you in your career?

I have been studying foreign languages all my life, and I am really passionate about the process of learning a new language and, of course, about the cultural importance of multilingualism. For these reasons, I decided to focus my career on this market. This passion drives me and pushes me to be more and more curious about deeply knowing this industry, being able in some years to have explored and to manage all the different fields and aspects of the job.

Is there a particular woman in business that inspires you? 

One of the first women who come to my mind is definitely my English teacher at the High school, who passed her passion for English language and literature onto me. She taught me the importance of having passion for a job you like and to have courage to achieve your best. I always remember her as a woman before then a teacher, because it’s her attitude to her career and her passion of her job that was so evident, that makes me admire her; every time I have a small success I think about her and I am sure that she would be proud of me.

But I don’t have to go far because the first woman who inspires me is in my family, my mother. She started her own business when my brother and I were only two children and I am still impressed by how she managed it: at the time in Italy it wasn’t very common to see a woman keen on succeeding in her career and having a family at the same time, for this reason, she has always had to fight with the feeling of being an “absent” mother  only because she wasn’t devoting her total time to her family. I am very proud, indeed, to have been grown by a mother who wanted to succeed in her job, because thanks to her I understood that it is not impossible to combine private life and career.

What innovations do you see in the future for BSC?

The uniqueness of British Study Centres is, in my opinion, to be a company composed by many schools, each with its own peculiarity and specific characteristics. Despite being a big business, it keeps maintaining traits of friendliness and a familiar environment that I am more than sure our students feel. Consequently, I believe that this is the factor that makes it different from our competitors, to deliver a high-quality service in a very professional way, without being distant from the client but, on the contrary, building a strong relationship for the future. This is, from my point of view, the element that makes the difference and that will keep our company innovative.

If you had one wish for the future, what would it be?

From my personal point of view, work is a very important part of life. We spend the majority of the day in the work environment and it is necessary to like it. For this reason, it is natural to be ambitious in the work environment, because it plays a relevant role in our life from which we can take satisfaction and benefits. On the other hand, the other part of our personal life is made of feelings, relationships and hobbies. I am working to nurture both of those parts, because my wish is, in the future, to have a rewarding private and professional life.

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