Is a TEFL Course Worth it?

Are you wondering whether enrolling on a TEFL course is a good decision? Is a TEFL course worth it? If so, the good news is that there are many benefits of studying to teach English as a foreign language. TEFL qualifications can lead to a host of life-changing opportunities, giving you the chance to teach in some of the world’s most extraordinary locations.

What is a TEFL course and what should I expect?

A TEFL course is an entry-level EFL qualification. People decide to teach English as a foreign language for various reasons. A TEFL qualification gives you the skills to help others learn the English language and improve their lives. On top of this, it also enables you to spend time overseas and boost your CV substantially.

During your TEFL course, you’ll find out how to teach English language skills effectively and even enhance your own knowledge of English grammar. If you don’t have a TEFL certificate, you may have to lower your expectations in terms of where you can teach. You might find yourself unable to teach in the country you want to relocate to.

is a TEFL course worth it

What benefits does a TEFL qualification offer?

TEFL qualifications are recognised worldwide and allow you to teach English as a foreign language in many countries. You can study for your qualification online or in a traditional classroom. Some people choose to split their time between online and classroom-based learning. Without a TEFL qualification, you may find it harder to secure full-time employment abroad as an English teacher. You may also be unable to get a long-term visa. 

Can I teach without a TEFL certificate?

Some schools may let you teach without a TEFL certificate, but these may not be the organisations you actually want to be part of. If you are given the chance to work without this qualification, this might be because they cannot attract or afford to employ someone who holds one. Your TEFL qualification will help you secure a better salary and ensure you are hired legally.

is a TEFL course worth it

Will a TEFL certificate give me an edge over others?

Another reason for gaining a TEFL qualification is that it will train you to do your job to the best of your abilities. During your TEFL course, you’ll learn essential classroom management skills and find out how to create lesson plans. You'll also become more adept at supporting quiet students who may find it hard to open up. Your course will also help you ensure your classes are as engaging as they are informative.

Do I need to fund my TEFL qualification myself?

Some educational organisations may offer to cover the cost of your TEFL course, but you may be paid a lower salary as a result. Even if the initial investment seems daunting, you can quickly earn it back once you’re officially qualified to teach English. Many employers tend to pay teachers who hold a TEFL certificate substantially more than those who don’t.

How a TEFL certificate boosts employability

If you plan to work full-time teaching English as a foreign language, it’s highly advisable to secure a TEFL certificate. Your certificate will show employers that you’re capable of coping with challenging workloads and meeting strict deadlines. A TEFL course can improve your planning and preparation skills substantially too, whilst enhancing your communication abilities. If you’re continuing your learning abroad, you can settle into the country where you’ll be teaching before the hard work begins. This gives you a valuable opportunity to get used to the local community, culture, and customs. A TEFL course can be the difference between becoming a satisfactory teacher and a great one that truly inspires their students.

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