IELTS Preparation: The Online Learning Experience

Like students around the world, this year many learners made the switch to online learning in order to complete their courses under lockdown restrictions. We caught up with Audrey to find out what it was like to prepare for her IELTS exam online.

Audrey's IELTS Experience

Which course did you study?

I studied the IELTS Exam preparation course, I applied to this program because I wanted to go to a university in the UK. I graduated in July 2019 from my Masters in France and I was looking for a job but I could not find anything that really interested me so I decided to look for a university which mixes my passion for cinema and my field of studies which is Marketing and Communication but also that can challenge myself at an academic level. I tried to find this kind of study in France but apparently, it was inexistent so I started to look in the UK and I found one. After I found this program, I decided to go to Edinburgh because I've always wanted to go to Scotland and it was the perfect chance for me to go to BSC, to visit Scotland and to follow the IELTS classes to prepare myself to achieve my project!

What was it like to study for the IELTS online?

Even if it was difficult at the beginning, I easily adapted myself to this new system and I really enjoyed doing it. It made me able to follow the courses despite the actual situation but also to stay in touch with other students from all around the world and from other BSC schools in the UK. 

How was the teaching on the course?

It was a great experience and it was really helpful for my preparation to pass the IELTS exam. We have two types of courses, one called “General English” and the other one “Speaking class”, these courses were really interesting and it not only helped me to improve my English but also helped me to answer my IELTS exam questions and to pass it successfully. It made me able to improve my reading speed, listening, speaking and also my writing which at that time was my weakness. Following these offered me also the chance to meet a different teacher from different BSC schools and different accents which were really useful for me and for the listening part of the IELTS. I really enjoyed the teaching I received during these few months with BSC’s course.

How did the teachers support you during the lockdown?

They were really gentle and helpful during the IELTS courses but also during the lockdown because I could not come back due to my mother who is working as a nurse and was in constant contact with people infected by Covid-19. I was staying alone in Edinburgh but it was not too difficult for me. My teachers were always inquired about my health and if everything was fine for me, my family, and the situation in France. For me, it was easy to handle the lockdown due to the help of the BSC teachers.

"For me, it was easy to handle the lockdown due to the help of the BSC teachers."

Audrey, France

Would you recommend the course?

I would definitely recommend this course; I enjoyed my time during this program and I thought it was the right choice for me to be ready and pass the exam. Thanks to this course, I managed to get an overall score of 7.5 for my IELTS exam which was higher than what I was expecting to get when I started it. It helped me to improve my English especially my writing that was my weakness. It also made me able to acquire a good range of vocabulary for the exam and to understand the mechanisms of the exam. Teachers were really watchful and they tried to help us and to answer all the questions through these courses so we can get our exam successfully.

Is there anything else you would like to mention?

Yes, I would like to thank and congratulate the team of BSC who managed to adapt the courses and the extra activities during this difficult time. I found they did a great job; it was not easy but they have succeeded in doing well. Despite the situation, I liked my time in Scotland and I hope I will be able to come back there very soon!

Audrey went on to score a 7.5 on her IELTS exams with a score of 8.5 in reading. Do you need help preparing for the IELTS? Find out about our online and face-to-face IELTS preparation courses.

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