IELTS Preparation Course

My British Study Centres adventure began on the 28th of April, when I said goodbye to my family and took my heavy luggage and got on a plane to Oxford. I was very excited and arrived in Britain full of apprehension and expectation. I decided to do the IELTS preparation class, as I am thinking about applying for a Master's degree course at university in the UK and thought the IELTS to be a great opportunity for me. My teacher, Anna, was amazing and helped me to rapidly improve my language skills within a short time, helping me to focus and study specific techniques to manage the exam and to get a higher score. Moreover we did some real exam simulations and preparation and I learned a lot of new useful vocabulary that will help with everyday English, not just my test. I was fortunate to secure my exam the same day as some of my classmates and we formed a study group together to offer support and encouragement. All in all, it was a great and rewarding experience! I am also remaining confident that the exam was a success too!

I am also working as an intern at BSC Oxford. Just one week before arriving here I had a lovely chat with Lisa at my final interview, after which I was convinced that becoming an intern and spending 5 months working in the UK was the best decision for me. On my first day at work I met all my colleagues and I immediately loved the work atmosphere of the team and school. As an intern I have the opportunity to attend classes as well.

-Anna, intern at BSC Oxford