How to Ace a Job Interview: Our Top Tips

So you've completed a job application, reached the next stage, and now wondering how to ace the interview? Say no more. In this blog, we give our top tips on how to ace a job interview. Get ready to land your dream job!

Tips on how to ace a job interview

1. Dress appropriately

It's a good idea to research the appropriate dress code before interviewing with your chosen company. You can find this information on the company's website, social media platforms, or even websites such as Glassdoor. If you can't find this information, play it safe and stick with smart attire! After all, you would rather present yourself looking overdressed than underdressed.

2. Research, research, research

Doing your research is key. Showing you're knowledgeable about the company proves to the hiring manager that you are genuinely interested in the company. Before your interview, browse the company's website and learn about its ethos, mission statement, achievements and so on. Is there a specific milestone the company has reached that has impressed you? Discuss it in the interview. You can even look at previous employee's reviews on Glassdoor to have an idea on what to expect from the role.

3. Prepare example questions

Almost every hiring manager will ask you to present examples when answering interview questions. You say you have excellent organisation skills, give an example how? Results-driven? How was this proven in your last role? A great way to prepare examples for an interview is using the STAR interview response technique. STAR stands for situation, task, action and result. Breaking down your answers using this technique will help you present clear and organised answers based on your real life experiences.

How to ace a job interview

4. Present a portfolio

Hiring managers love to see examples of your previous work. This could be from your last position, or even from a hobby. Run a blog on the side? Enjoy playing around with graphic design? Show examples of your work - anything that shows off your creative side. Of course, this isn't always necessary depending on the industry you're interviewing for.

5. Ask questions

You've reached the end of the interview and the hiring manager asks 'Do you have any questions for us?'. This is your time to shine! Take this as an opportunity for YOU to interview the hiring manager. Select questions that show you're genuinely interested and passionate about filling the position. Avoid asking about the salary on the first interview.

Examples of end of interview questions

Wondering what questions to ask in a job interview? Here are some examples to get you started.

  • What training and personal development programs does this company provide?
  • How would you describe the company culture?
  • What would a typical day in my role at the company involve?
  • What is your favourite thing about working at this company?
  • How long was the last person in this role at this company for, and why did they decide to leave?

6. Follow up after the interview

Hiring managers interview many candidates. So, going that extra mile to make a lasting impression really goes a long way. Why not send a follow up thank you email to the hiring manager? This shows that you appreciate their time while reminding them who you are.

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