Funniest Words in English

English is a beautiful language. The language of William Shakespeare, Jane Austin and Charles Dickens, to name a few. There are many, many reasons to learn English, from career development to having the ability to communicate with over 400 million people in the world! However, English also has some very funny, silly words in its vocabulary! We have collected the BSC Team's favourite and funniest English words, how to pronounce them, and the amusing meanings behind them.

10 Funniest English Words


pronounced - bam-boo-zle

Bamboozle means to trick or fool someone, often by trying to confuse them.

The teacher told the class that she was going to bamboozle them with a surprise test.


pronounced - dis-com-bob-u-late

Like Bamboozle, Discombobulate means to confuse someone, or to make them feel uncomfortable.

The new school layout didn't aim to discombobulate the students, but it did nevertheless.


pronounced - flab-a-ga-sted

Flabbergasted means to be shocked because of something unexpected.

When he saw Edinburgh Castle, he was flabbergasted.


pronounced - flum-oxed

If you are flummoxed, you are so confused you don't know what to do!

When he first tasted haggis, he was flabbergasted.


pronounced - gib-er-ish

Gibberish is spoken or written words that have no meaning.

She thought the book was complete gibberish.


pronounced - gob-el-de-gook

Gobbledegood is language that seems difficult to understand or seems to mean nothing because you don't understand it.

To someone who wasn't a plumber, the manual looked like it was written in gobbledegook.


pronounced - kur-fuf-el

Kerfuffle is a comotion, or noise, often caused by an argument or conflicting views.

There was a bit of a kerfuffle because he couldn't find his ticket before he got on the plane.


pronounced - Mal-ar-key

Malarkey is silly behaviour or nonesense talk.

I couldn't finish the book because decided it was a bunch of malarkey and stopped reading about halfway through.


pronounced - ninc-om-poop

Nincompoop is a silly or foolish person.

They were not friends anymore because she thought he was a nincompoop.


pronounced - Shen-an-ee-gans

Shenanigans are secret, devious or dishonest activities.

If we go out this weekend, it is likely we will get up to some fun shenanigans.

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