Where to Study English in the UK & Ireland

Deciding where to study English is often a difficult choice. Do you want to be in the hustle and bustle of a big city? Would you prefer the quiet of a small town? Do you want thousands of international students to mix with or would you prefer to spend time with locals? There’s a lot to consider! That’s why we’ve created this list of the top cities to study English to help you decide.

The Best Places to Study English


With the same cosmopolitan feel as London but without the price tag, Manchester is the perfect place to learn about British culture. Manchester was the birthplace of huge bands like Oasis and the Smiths and not forgetting the fact it's home to two of the world’s biggest football clubs. Find out about our English school in Manchester. 


For a great mix of culture, beach and city life, it had to be Brighton. Brighton is the UK’s most famous and most popular beach resort and is just an hour away from London by train. If that wasn’t enough, the city’s compact centre and small town-vibe makes it easy to meet locals and practise your language skills. Find out about our English school in Brighton.


For history lovers, Edinburgh is the perfect choice. With castles and palaces to explore as well as the rolling Scottish hills, Edinburgh is as interesting as it is romantic. The city is also small enough for you to feel at home from the moment you step off the plane plus it’s generally much cheaper than London. Find out about our English school in Edinburgh.


Popular among international students for its booming economy and friendly locals, Dublin is a city on the up. As well as a great range of museums and cultural activities, you’ll find a great culture of live music and comedy that will keep you busy every night of the week. Not to mention the fact you’ll pick up a super cool Irish accent. Find out about our English school in Dublin.


A historical location with a small city centre, York is a favourite among English language students who want to experience traditional British culture. Find Harry Potter shops, friendly locals and plenty of surrounding countryside to explore on the weekend. Find out about our English school in Oxford.


Famed for its prestigious university and impressive architecture, there’s no doubt you’ll have already thought about learning English in Oxford. As well as visiting the Oxford colleges, there’s plenty of incredible pubs to explore and meet local people. Plus, if you run out of things to do you’re only an hour from London. Find out more about our English language school in Oxford.

 Need more help choosing the right city to study English? Take our British city quiz and find out which British city you are. Are you ready to start studying English in the UK? British Study Centres can help with visas, arranging accommodation and give you advice on course and exam choices. Contact us for more information.