English for 50+ Students- BSC York

A 50+ course in York is the ideal way to develop your English and make new friends, whilst gaining an enjoyable insight into one of England’s most vibrant and historically significant cities.

After a morning consisting of informative and communicative classroom-based lessons, tailored for your level, there is time to take a leisurely hour’s lunch before your afternoon of cultural experiences begins. For six weeks you will have the opportunity to explore the city with a teacher as a guide.

As courses consist of a small group lessons, getting to know people’s interests and levels isn’t difficult, itinerary can be adapted according to student’s wishes by picking the perfect spots and best sights of York.

The first afternoon starts with a city tour on foot, helping you to become familiar with the locations of the main points of interest, ranging from historical sites such as the medieval street The Shambles, to the impressive Clifford’s Tower with its origins dating back to William the Conqueror’s time, and not forgetting key shopping locations - plentiful independent boutiques for which York is famous.

I also point out the best of York’s 365+ pubs and restaurants along the way – you will have ample time to visit some of them during your free afternoons and evenings, very likely with new friends and classmates!

Our tour includes a saunter along what is widely regarded as the most beautiful section of the City Wall. This part runs alongside the jewel in York’s crown: York Minster, and allows you to access views over the beautiful gardens belonging to the houses in the tranquil Minster Quarter. For some it is a welcome escape from the hustle and bustle of the city centre!

As we continue our stroll, a concealed entrance to one of the many narrow alleyways catches the students eyes and we follow it down to where it emerges onto a secluded, leafy churchyard. These are the grounds of the charming 14th century Holy Trinity church, and we take time to explore this beautifully preserved building and its curious box pews.

York is a popular tourist destination all year round so as well as the permanent museums and exhibitions, there is usually something seasonal going on, such as Viking festivals, the Yorkshire Fringe entertainment festival and the Yorkshire Food festival a good excuse to sample some of the local delicacies too.

The remainder of the first week’s itinerary includes a visit to York Minster itself. It’s only a short walk from the school, and we go down Stonegate, which follows the route of the original Roman main street which once led up to their basilica, now the site of the Minster. We admire the beautiful, Gothic architecture both outside and in, taking advantage of the numerous photo opportunities.

In the second week, a visit to the Castle Museum provides students with an opportunity to reminisce about the past. The rooms and streets are styled according to different time periods, from Georgian, to Victorian, war time and right through to the 1980’s, bringing back memories of past places and people for many of the students.This is just a taster of what the afternoon’s activities might contain.

We are lucky in that we are spoilt for choice in York and our courses can be as unique as the individuals on it.

Whether you want to apply the speaking, listening or reading skills you’ve learnt in the morning classes, our afternoon activities will provide you with opportunities for all.

So whether you’re a beginner or just brushing up on your language or cultural knowledge, what better way is there to practise your English than within the setting of York?

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