This BSC location was just voted the best city for students!

It may not be known for its affordability, but London’s high-quality institutions, employment opportunities and continued popularity among international students has led to the city to be named the best student city in the world for the second year in a row.

The QS Best Student Cities Ranking found that students were such fans of the level of education in the city that it outweighed its score on ‘Affordability.’ Other factors that were taken into account by the ranking body were quality of life, the range of job opportunities and the diversity of the student body.

Data was also collected from 87,000 current and prospective international students to calculate the ‘Student View’ and ‘Desirability’ scores of each city. 

What makes London such a desirable destination for international students?

View of big Ben from West Minster Bridge

Home to Hundreds of Thousands of Students

Aside from being a city of incredible diversity in general, London is also home to over 100,000 international students from hundreds of different nations. Four of the top-ranking universities in the world are also based in London (namely King's, UCL, Imperial and LSE), which means that the city is also home to some incredible libraries, research centres and study spaces.

Nightlife and Culture

It would be hard to talk about studying in London without mentioning the city's incredible cultural offering. With hundreds of theatres, cinemas and music venues (not to mention a pub on just about every corner), students are never short of entertainment in England's vibrant capital. 

Food and Drink

Although there might be a few myths and rumours about the quality of food in London, the city is home to an enormous number of high-quality restaurants. Regular markets, food festivals and pop-ups also mean that students have access to an incredible range of international cuisine.

Award-winning English Language Schools 

As well as having dozens of different language exchange events, London is also a hotspot for prestigious English language schools. British Study Centres' central London school is located in the iconic Bloomsbury Square and is known for its high standard of teaching and dedicated staff. 

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