Hidden Gems in York, England

Updated: April 2019

This week we delve a little deeper and find out the best-kept secrets in York, so you know where the locals go! We explore some of the city's hidden gems, all perfect for a visit if you're studying at our York English school.

Hidden Gems in York

1. The Plough, Fulford

The Plough © John Sutton, Creative Commons

Walk along the riverside path to Fulford and enjoy a drink* in the heated beer garden at The Plough, past the Foss flood barrier and Millennium Bridge.

2. Bishy Road

Head down to Bishy Road and spend an afternoon looking through many local shops.  Bishy Road won the title of Great British High Street of the Year and is famous for its amazing range of independent shops, cafes and restaurants!

3. Rowntree's Park Reading Café
Rowntree Park Reading Cafe York

Rowntree's Park Reading Café © Paul Harrop, Creative Commons

Enjoy a coffee at Rowntree's Park Reading Café, where you can borrow a selection of over 1000 books from the café bookshelf.

 4. Mannion & Co.

Taste delicious artisan food at Mannion & Co, a deli, patisserie and bakery where you’d feel like you were in Paris if it wasn’t for the Yorkshire sausage rolls and English loose-leaf teas!

5. Victoria Vaults

Listen to a range of live music for free at the Victoria Vaults pub, a traditional inn just outside the city walls.  There is live music from 8.30pm most days and 4.00pm on Sundays.

6. The Yorkshire Soap Company

the Yorkshire Soap Company

Find excellent souvenirs for your family at the Yorkshire Soap Company, where all the soaps are made on site by hand. 

7. The House of the Trembling Madness

Gather your friends and head to the House of the Trembling Madness, a beer house with a huge selection of international beers. The pub dates back to 1108AD and the ship beams that hold up the ceiling sailed the seas over 800 years go!

 8. York Cocoa House

Visit the York Cocoa House for a mouth-watering selection of sweet and savoury chocolate treats, celebrating York’s history as the city of chocolate.

9. York Food and Drink Festival

Sample your way through the huge range of food at the York Food and Drink Festival in September and October.

10. Great Yorkshire Fringe Festival

Test your English watching great comedy shows and entertainers at the 17-day Great Yorkshire Fringe Festival.

*All pubs offer a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, and many of them often serve tea and coffee as well.

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