Are all TEFL Courses the Same?

Are you struggling to decide on which TEFL course to take and wondering are all TEFL courses the same?

You have to make sure you select the right Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certification course to fit your needs. This decision will determine the training and qualifications you will receive. There isn’t a one size fits all approach when it comes to your education. You must select the course that suits your needs because not all TEFL courses were created equal. But which one do you choose?

Unfortunately, not all TEFL courses are made the same, which is why you need to be aware of the specifications in each course structure. There is a wide array of TEFL courses that have different requirements. And some that do not revolve around the standards that would lead to more job opportunities abroad.

The following content provides information which will assist you in making your decision.

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Meeting international standards

To get hired to teach English abroad, your TEFL course needs to meet international standards. Some courses do not meet the necessary criteria that allow you to be successfully employed abroad, which is why you need to make sure the TEFL certification meets set standards.

For example, your TEFL course should have a minimum of 120 hours of academic training and coursework, along with 6-20 hours of practice teaching. It is best if the course is carried out by qualified instructors as well. There are some TEFL courses available online that only require 20 hours of training. No prospective employer will give those qualifications a second glance.

The cost of your TEFL course

It might be extremely tempting to go with the cheapest course you can find online. You might click on a link that boasts a sale or have a coupon code for a cheap course. Saving money shouldn’t always be the most crucial aspect, though, especially when it comes to learning from qualified professionals.

You will pay for what you get, which means if you opt for a cheap TEFL course with no practical training, then your opportunities abroad will be reduced significantly. While you shouldn’t opt for the most expensive course either, as it is essential to read the fine print and discover what the course specifications are.

Understand what requirements you need for your dream job abroad before selecting your TEFL course.

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University-level professors    

Some TEFL courses are not taught by University-level instructors, which means they cannot provide accurate guidance, assistance or feedback. When deciding on what course you should take, make sure the instructors are highly qualified, University-level professors; otherwise, your qualification might not count towards a teaching job abroad.

When the right instructors carry out a TEFL course, they can provide you with assistance when you are struggling and can offer feedback so you can improve.

Online versus offline TEFL course

You might think that TEFL courses that are in-person are vastly superior to those taught online. This theory is not correct, at all. You will receive the same level of education, assistance and qualification online as you would offline, in this case.

Online TEFL courses should provide you with 120 hours of suitable training, practise teaching and will give you the skills you need to apply for a job abroad.  

Not only will an online TEFL course allow you to gain the same level of learning as an offline course, but it also provides you with flexibility. You can carry out your learning from any location and can schedule your learning around your current timetable.

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Things to remember:

  • Read the fine print of every TEFL course
  • Make sure it is accredited
  • Instructors are qualified, University level educators
  • You receive 120 hours of training
  • Practice teaching
  • The TEFL course you take meets the requirements for your desired job

We hope this article helps you with your decision so that you understand that not all TEFL courses are the same. Make sure you read through the specifications and that they meet the requirements of the opportunities you are seeking abroad.

You do not want to spend time on a TEFL course if it does not meet the requirements of future teaching jobs abroad. If you are still thinking about your decision, and you are not sure which course to complete, you can fill out our enquiry form, and we will answer as soon as possible.

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