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Sofia’s University Pathways Experience

27 Aug 2020

In light of the changing situation surrounding COVID-19, many of our students have made the switch to online learning. We caught up with Sofia from Mexico about what it was like to study the blended International Foundation Year both in school and online and how the course has helped her reach her goals. What course…

The Best ESL Board Games For Classrooms

01 Apr 2020

It's important to keep students engaged and interested in class when teaching English as a Second Language. Interactive whiteboards and varied learning resources, such as films, podcasts and other digital media can help to capture students attention and are a great use of modern technology. However, a good old-fashioned board game has proven to be a hit in classrooms! Board games are not only fun but can also be a brilliant linguistic tool, offering a chance to learn new vocabulary and spelling skills.

Tips for passing the OET

28 Mar 2020

We have helped many students prepare for their OET, building on their strengths and supporting their weaknesses. Whether it's your first time first time or for a re-sit, here are five tips for passing the OET.

How to Manage Exam Stress

20 Mar 2020

There are lots of side-effects of stress that are harmful to your health, and knowing how to manage exam stress is essential for doing well.

OET or IELTS: Choosing the Right Exam for you

17 Mar 2020

The IELTS (International English Language Testing System) and OET (Occupational English Test) are both used to test the English language of doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals around the world. Both of these examinations are chosen by regulatory bodies to make sure that healthcare workers have sufficient language skills to communicate effectively with patients and…

Where to Study English in the UK & Ireland

10 Mar 2020

Deciding where to study English is often a difficult choice. Do you want to be in the hustle and bustle of a big city? Would you prefer the quiet of a small town? Do you want thousands of international students to mix with or would you prefer to spend time with locals? There’s a lot…

A Guide to the British Royal Family

04 Mar 2020

Why does the UK still have a Monarchy? And how much power does the Queen actually have? One of the first things that comes to mind when thinking about Britain is, without a doubt, the Royal Family. But how much do you actually know about the role of the Queen and how familiar are you…

7 Must-Visit Markets in London

03 Mar 2020

Specialising in everything from food and flowers to art and antiques, it's essential that you spend at least one afternoon in one of these iconic shopping destinations.