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CAE vs IELTS: How to choose the right exam for you

15 Jul 2020

Deciding which English language exam is right for you can be a difficult process. While some may be better for academic purposes, others may have benefits when applying for jobs. In order to choose between Cambridge C1 Advanced (formerly and better known by CAE) and IELTS, it’s important to weigh up the key differences between…

How to Motivate Students

28 Feb 2020

If you have been teaching for any length of time you might find yourself thinking, 'how can I improve motivation in the classroom?' and 'how do I keep students interested in what I have to say?' If you are new to teaching, then it’s a question worth asking early on. We know that motivation to…

American English vs. British English

24 Feb 2020

The English language has a global reach, mostly thanks to two main varieties: American English and British English. Let's look at some of their differences.

How to Make Friends at University in the UK

24 Feb 2020

If you’re an international student in the United Kingdom, making friends at university can be overwhelming. And it’s made even harder if you don’t like the people in your accommodation or you’re finding it hard to make friends with people on your course. Luckily there are loads of ways to meet new people if you’re…

Tips for Giving Medical Advice in English

20 Feb 2020

Healthcare professionals, from nurses to vets, offer advice and support to patients every day. How they communicate with patients has an enormous impact on patient care and safety. Read on to discover how to give effective and sensitive medical advice in English. Giving advice in a medical context. Have a look at the consultation below…

How to Meet Locals in the UK

20 Feb 2020

Have you ever wanted to form friendships with local people in the UK? And get to know all about their culture and habits? One of the great things about studying abroad is having the chance to meet people from all over the world and practice your English with them. However, actually getting to meet local…

How do you buy a phone in the UK?

03 Feb 2020

When you come to study English in the UK, it will be cheaper to contact local friends using a UK phone plan. Depending on how long you intend to stay, you may even prefer to buy a separate UK phone.

Five Reasons to Teach English Abroad with CELTA

29 Jan 2020

What is a CELTA? The CELTA course is a highly regarded type of TEFL qualification (teaching English as a foreign language), equipping you with the skills and practical experience to take your teaching qualification anywhere in the world. Why take a CELTA and not a TEFL? The CELTA is an internationally recognised teaching qualification that is highly trusted by schools and organisations across the globe,…

How to Improve your Public Speaking

13 Jan 2020

Ever watched a good public speaker? What is it that makes them a good speaker? Do they seem nervous? Anxious? Unsure of themselves? Of course not! That’s what makes them good public speakers. They seem relaxed and comfortable. So the audience feels relaxed and comfortable. They seem knowledgeable and have all the key information at…